WATCH: Mama Squirrel Launches Snake Looking for a Meal Out of a Tree

by Craig Garrett
Squirrel climbing up a tree trunk looking at camera against green background - stock photo

A viral video of a squirrel’s savage takedown of a snake looking to score an easy meal is taking social media by storm. The Instagram account Nature is Metal is famous for showcasing grim footage of the brutality of nature. With over 4 million subscribers including celebrities like Joe Rogan, it’s one of the most popular accounts on Instagram. It’s known for being candid and unafraid to show the harsh realities that animals in the wild face every day.

This recent post of a squirrel defending her nest from a snake is no exception. The clip opens with a snake slithering up a tree, toward a hole. Once the serpent has reached the chasm, it plunges inside. Suddenly, a squirrel darts out of the hole, launching a frenzied attack on the snake’s body. It savagely bites and scratches at the snake. What was supposed to be an easy meal of baby squirrels has transformed into a furry beat down.

The snake is clearly caught off guard. It doesn’t mount much of a defense, and the squirrel certainly has the home-field advantage up in a tree. After a few quick twists, the pair go tumbling down the tree. The end of the fall isn’t in the video. However, the fall shouldn’t have been too damaging. Hopefully, the brave mother was able to get back to her nest of babies.

Instagram weighs in on the snake vs squirrel action

Nature is Metal usually has informative and humorous captions. This encounter between the snake and squirrel makes the cut. “Mama squirrel makes it clear that the snake’s presence will not be tolerated. Mr snake will have to look somewhere else for his midday feast, this buffet is closed.” The clip has over 8,000 likes and dozens of comments.

One commenter was clearly a wrestling fan. “We need Jim Ross commentary on this video,” they quipped. Meanwhile, another follower noted the mother’s bravery. “Mess with the nest and momma will show her fangs,” they wrote.

Another user couldn’t help but imagine themselves in the squirrel’s shoes. “[Dang] that sucks, you’re sleeping in your beautiful 1 bedroom apartment tree in NYC and a snake tries to eat you and your kids.” Finally, other Instagram users wondered if the brave critter survived. “Hopefully that proud mom can return to the babies in the nest,” one user wrote.

However, it is likely that mom survived the fall. Squirrels are relatively small and lightweight, which reduces the amount of gravity’s pull on them. They also have stretchy bodies and puffy tails, so they experience a lot of drag. This means that their terminal velocity is actually quite low, and squirrels can survive impacts at that speed.

This video is a reminder that nature is brutal and that animals are fighting for their lives every day. We should appreciate the tenacity of this squirrel and all the animals that are struggling to survive in the wild.