WATCH: Mama Warthog Goes Into Full Sprint Rescue Mode to Chase Off Leopard Trying to Take Her Piglet

by Craig Garrett

A viral video featuring a fighting mad mama warthog defending her piglets from a leopard has racked up over 170,000 views. The Instagram account Nature is Metal is famous for showcasing grim footage of the brutality of nature. The account has over 4 million subscribers and boasts celebrities like Joe Rogan buzzing over its candid clips and photos. Nature is Metal never shies away from the reality of animals in the wild. This video Nature is Metal posted of a warthog fighting off a leopard while protecting its piglets is no exception.

The first warthog piglet’s effort to outrun the female leopard is deserving of special mention. It really looks like the big cat is going half-speed, but the piglet is going all out. Once the leopard snatches up the little guy, he doesn’t cease running even as it is dragged into midair, jarring the leopard’s head about. If the mother didn’t arrive in time, it would have undoubtedly turned into dinner.

The leopard spits out the first piglet and sprints in the opposite direction after holding it for only a short time. It’s difficult to tell what the leopard is fleeing from at first. Fans of Nature is Metal know it’s common for an opportunistic predator to steal a catch. Perhaps a pack of wild dogs, a lion, or some other animal that wants dinner more? But then comes the powerful mother warthog, her tusks jutting out, a cloud of dust trailing behind her strong form.

The warthog mama nearly matches the leopard’s speed

However, the leopard has more fight in her than it may appear. Even though she’s retreating, she manages to pick up yet another piglet. The leopard is now sprinting at full speed, like a thief fleeing the scene of a crime. The second piglet doesn’t last long either. The leopard throws it aside into a multi-cartwheel spinout as mama warthog comes back into the frame again and chases after the leopard into the bush.

The caption to the video claims that one of the piglets managed to make it out unscathed. On the surface, the clip tells a feel-good story. After all, the mother warthog managed to save her piglet from a dangerous predator. However, that means that the female leopard will go hungry, along with any potential cubs.

Some viewers may be surprised at the great pig’s speed in the video. On those short, turbo-powered legs, a motivated warthog may run at a speed of 30 miles per hour. Despite their tiny shoulder measuring less than three feet in length, they can weigh up to 250 pounds, making them little juggernauts with powerful tusks bolted to the front. We’d spit their piglets out and flee in terror as well.