WATCH: Man Absolutely Loses His Mind When Squirrel Interrupts His Zoom Conference

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

Remote work Zoom calls aren’t often super exciting. However, one squirrel decided to fix this, it seems, when it decided to pop into a meeting recently. With absolutely hilarious – and chaotic – results, of course. Making some hilarious footage as wildlife goes indoors, and we can’t help watching over and over again.

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In the TikTok video, which has received millions of views, we see the typical home office set up as one man is speaking quietly over a Zoom call. Then, as the man continues to talk, he seems to notice something on the other end of the home office. He jumps a bit and scoots his chair back a little…peering into a corner of the room.

The man then continues on the call briefly, glancing back into the area a few times. He then slowly slides his chair towards the window behind the desk and grabs the bat that sits against the wall.

This Fast Squirrel Gives New Meaning To The “Zoom” Call

Things go fully chaotic just seconds later, however, when the squirrel fully reveals itself. Running and zooming all over the home office. The man then hilariously loses all composure going from fully professional to jumping on the desk and shrieking like a person from an old-timey movie or cartoon who just spotted a mouse.

As the video continues, we hear the man shout in between shrieks, “he’s here! He’s here!” Suggesting that the man knew there was an unwelcome rodent in the house. He was just waiting for it to show itself. Perhaps that’s why he had the bat placed right where it was.

Another Brave Squirrel Scares Off A Full-Sized Bear, Defending Its Food Stash

While this TikTok squirrel may have gone wild indoors, another one has gotten incredibly brave. Protecting its food stash from one of its most common predators, the bear. The wild clip was captured via hidden cameras in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park.

We all know that squirrels are dedicated to storing their nuts as the wintertime approaches. And the squirrel in this video gets incredibly brave as its stash is raided by a hungry bear. While the squirrel does everything in its power to scare the bear off. However, the efforts do prove to be in vain as the ravenous bear finishes off the supply.

“You then see this incredible standoff between the squirrel and the bear,” says Vanessa Berlowitz, one of the producers behind the production.

“No one’s ever seen that in the world because normally the bear would be aware [of the camera team],” Berlowitz continues in a conversation with Newsweek. “And the squirrel would be aware, you wouldn’t get that sort of natural behavior.”