WATCH: Man Appears to Use Young Girl as Weapon While Fighting Off Goose

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Frank Rumpenhorst/picture alliance via Getty Images)

In this wild video from Taiwan, a man seems to use a little girl as a shield from an aggressive goose attack. The girl was in Metropolitan Park, right outside the Chimei Museum in Tainan. Then, witnesses reported her running and screaming as the goose started chasing after her.

Footage then shows the girl being picked up by a man — who is reported to be her grandfather — as the enraged bird gets closer to them. He then backs up a few steps while holding the girl. The goose continues advancing, and then the man starts swinging. However, he’s not swinging his fist but his granddaughter. He swings her body at the goose and hits it with her legs.

The impact scared the bird enough for it to retreat. It returned to its gaggle on the grassy area, and the clip ends.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the Chimei Museum has 14 white geese that live in the park. The angry one that attacked the little girl is believed to be a goose named Beckham.

According to BirdFact, geese can be aggressive and quite territorial. They’ll get this way especially if they are defending their nests and goslings.

The museum is now reportedly telling people not to feed or approach the geese after the incident.

Ravenous Elk Hunts Down Baby Goose Despite Protective Parents’ Attack

In this video originally uploaded in 2019, a ravenous elk hunts down a baby goose and eats it despite its protective parents’ attack. Normally, these animals stick to a plant-based diet, but cow elk can be known to get carnivorous cravings, as well.

In the video embedded below, which spans about fifteen minutes, this female elk captures and partially eats a baby goose. She does this while fending off attacks from the goose’s protective parents.

The first five minutes of the video depict the elk searching for birds to eat. Yet, they fly away when she gets close. However, eventually, she spots the family of Canadian geese. One of the adult geese leads the goslings out of harm’s way, while the other goose prepares to fight off the elk.

The female elk eventually nabs one of the goslings and treats herself to a snack. When elk have been known to get these carnivorous cravings, they usually go for eggs, rabbits, frogs, squirrels, birds, and even fish.

However, the people who captured this clip respectfully observed the scene and captured it from a distance. At Lake Estes in Colorado, a group of tourists did the opposite.

These tourists ventured far too close for comfort to an elk herd during breeding season, when the males can be particularly angry and volatile.

However, luckily for these them, the gathered elk minded their business and didn’t charge at any of the tourists who walked within feet of the majestic animals.