WATCH: Man Gets Revenge, Bites Cobra to Death After It Attacked Him

by Megan Molseed

An Indian man is claiming that he took the ultimate revenge on a deadly cobra, biting the snake to death after it attacked him. According to the man from Odisha, India, a cobra snake attacked him and bit him recently. And, in response to this attack, the man says, he turned on the cobra himself. Biting the animal to death.

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold…Blooded

Salim Nayak claims the incident happened to him earlier this week just outside of the Darda village which sits within Oshida’s Balasore district. Nayak says he was working in a surrounding field when a cobra appeared, sinking its teeth into his leg.

Now, most people who have just been bitten by a highly venomous animal would immediately seek out treatment for the bite. However, Salim Nayak decided he had a duty to find the offending serpent within the field. And, he was able to locate this cobra that bit him earlier. Giving the snake a taste of its own medicine, Nayak began biting the reptile, killing it in the process.

Nayak Says He Will Be Burying The Offending Cobra

Some would think taking the attacking snake on, and promptly killing it would be enough for Salim Nayak after the scary bite. However, the man was not done with the lurking serpent. It was a battle that the Indian man wanted to show off around his own village. After all, how often do cobras expire from a human bite? Usually, people are running the other way when faced with the scary reptile.

So, Salim Nayak slung the lifeless serpent around his neck and set out on his bike back to his village. Here, he rode around showing off his sneaky snake trophy. Telling his story to anyone who would listen. A report by the India Times quotes Salim Nayak as he discusses the incident. During this discussion, Nayak discusses what he plans to do with the cobra’s lifeless body.

“While I was cutting grass in the field the snake bit me on my leg,” Salim Nayak says.

“I caught hold of it in my fist,” he continues. “And bit it on its neck.”

“We don’t cremate,” Salim Nayak adds. “So I am going to bury it.”

This certainly is quite a case of “turning the tables” on nature. Biting a sneaky snake to death after an attack. However, it is unclear how Salim Nayak survived the initial attack without immediate treatment. Maybe the snake bite came from another snake, but Nayak tracked down an unlucky cobra to seek revenge? Or, maybe the biting cobra left Nayak with a “dry bite.” This is a biting attack from a serpent that doesn’t inject any venom into the victim.