WATCH: Man Grabs Shark’s Tail Seconds Before It Brutally Attacks Another Fish

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Alexis Rosenfeld/Getty Images

A viral video of a man manhandling a shark has gone viral. The guy scooped the shark up just before it attacked another fish.

The video, shared to Instagram by Monster Aquatic Fish, has received mixed reactions. The post was captioned: “Seconds from disaster…”

In the video, a guy is in knee-deep water. He reaches into the water and turns around, and a shark begins thrashing above the water attacking a fish. The video reads: “Seconds from having his leg chewed off by a shark!”

Many people in the comments shared their thoughts, saying that they were being overdramatic.

“The shark was after a fish, the guy was not on the menu,” one commenter wrote. Another said: “Seconds from having his leg chewed off the shark wasn’t even facing him it was nowhere near him LOL.”

“It wasn’t going for him at all. It was going for the school of fish next to him, which he was reaching at in the start of the video. Drama baiting,” someone said.

Another person pointed out that sharks aren’t usually aggressive to humans just hanging out in the water.

“Just because there’s a shark next to you doesn’t mean they’re got to attack. I’ve swum with dozens of sharks while Scuba diving, and they do nothing remotely aggressive. I even landed on an 8’ Silky when flipping in, once. We are not food to them,” they said.

So, the video wasn’t as close of a call as the caption made it out to be, but still a cool experience nonetheless.

Fish Market Under Fire For Photo of Hammerhead Shark For Sale

A fish market in Portland, Maine shared a controversial post on Instagram. The Harbor Fish Market shared that they had a hammerhead shark for sale at their market.

The video, now deleted, showed the deceased fish being held up by an employee. The video was posted to News Center Maine to watch.

It immediately made people upset. While many claimed that it wasn’t legal, it is legal to sell hammerheads in the state. However, that didn’t make people okay with it.

The Harbor Fish Market disabled the comments on their recent posts, and shared a new post with an explanation.

“Due to the concerns of our customers and followers over bringing a Hammerhead shark into our market, we would like to respond with FACTUAL information. First and foremost, the shark we brought in was caught legally and can be sold legally. FACT This shark was caught off Cape Hatteras NC, where these small Hammerheads are plentiful. This shark was caught by gillnet, a type of fishing gear, and when these fish are brought aboard dead, they may be sold. These gillnets actually have transponders on them that repel sharks. But still, some are caught and then sold as part of the vessel’s catch. FACT,” they wrote.

They did share that they took the post down because they care about their buyers’ sensitivities.