WATCH: Man Holds Shark in Place After It Bites Him, Gets Treated By EMS

by Jonathan Howard

Usually, when we hear about shark attacks, we tend to think of great whites and other large species. However, that’s not always the case. There are sharks of all shapes and sizes in the oceans of the world. One man was swimming and ended up having to deal with a predator about three to four feet long and with a bite that just won’t let go. It’s all good though, the dude seems to take it in stride.

First responders came to the scene in order to help the man with his shark problem. I didn’t just bite, it wouldn’t let go. So a team of EMS was out to ensure the safety of not just the man but also the shark. Since the man was doing relatively alright and was even holding his attack in his arms, they didn’t want to do any unnecessary damage.

Look, I’m not even this calm whenever my cat bites me unexpectedly. Whatever adrenaline and other things pumping through this man’s veins must have numbed any pain he would have had. I’m sure he ended up with a nice scar and some bruising.

Check out this nonchalant beachgoer as EMS attempt to remove the shark from his arm.

This little event sure did create a crowd. There were other beachgoers, a whole crew of first responders, and others. However, amid all of the seemingly endless chaos, the man in the middle was all calm. He didn’t struggle, just held the shark and let the people do what they needed to do to help him and get the ordeal over with.

A shark out of water doesn’t seem so scary, does it? Especially compared to being in open waters surrounded by them.

Man Survives Shark-Infested Waters in a Freezer

A fisherman in Brazil was having a normal day at sea. He was fishing in the Atlantic Ocean when he started to take on water in his boat. The boat soon started to sink and made the man react quickly. Without much else to do, he hopped into an empty freezer and floated away on his makeshift raft. The man’s new boat bobbed up and down and he had to bail water with his hands.

Not knowing how to swim, the man stayed in the freezer for 11 days at sea before being found by a boat. He was recused after floating through the ocean, at times being surrounded by sharks. Things ended up going well for the man. He was rescued and taken back home after a boat out of Suriname found him floating.

You never know what will happen when you hit the great outdoors. That’s why it is so exciting and why people will keep fishing, swimming, and going out on the water.