WATCH: Man Seems To Escape Angry Bull Before Getting Blindsided by Another Bull

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Brian Kennedy)

Sometimes luck is just that, luck. And, luck doesn’t always stick, either. This is exactly what we see in a recent wild Twitter video. This comes as the clip shows a man as he appears to escape the rage of one bull. Only to be blindsided by another just seconds later.

“Tick, Tick, Boom!” This Bull Means Business!

In the heart-pounding Twitter video, we see a crowd of people running away…up and past a set of bleachers. It’s immediately clear what these people are running from…a fast, really strong, and very determined bull. Everyone gets away from this bull…including one man that escapes the animal’s wrath with some very slick moves…twisting and turning out of the way.

However, this man’s good luck is only short-lived. As he expertly avoids the one bull, another one comes running up…blindsiding the man just as he thought he’d avoided certain injuries. All the while the sound over the video is a fitting toon that goes “tick, tick, boom…” the boom perfectly timed with the impact.

Thankfully, the man is seen seconds later starting to get up. It isn’t known how he faired overall but it looks like he was able to at least walk away!

One Terrifying Attack Saves A Woman’s Life

It’s a very rare – and terrifying – moment when anyone gets struck by an escaped rodeo bull. And it’s even extra rare that the attacking bull is credited for saving someone’s life!

During a Redding Rodeo event in California recently, a bull jumped into the crowd injuring some of the rodeo attendees. As a result, one 25-year-old woman, Paige King, was sent to the emergency room. A visit she will never forget. According to a report from KRCR, Paige King was one of six people injured during the event when the bull escaped the rodeo ring.

“I was sitting there with my boyfriend, and we were watching the run,” the King recalls.

And then all of a sudden, I looked to my left to glance at something,” King continues. “And I looked back over, and the bull was right there coming at me, so I had no initial reaction until it happened.” However, this terrifying event would soon lead to a lifesaving realization. While examining King for injuries doctors noticed a lump on Paige’s neck. Tests eventually revealed the young woman was in the early stages of thyroid cancer.

The shocking diagnosis eventually found its way to Pro Rodeo Hall of Famer Bob Tallman. Tallman quickly reached out to Paige and her family urging her to seek treatment at a specialized Texas facility. And Tallman helped refer her to the program.

“We made a phone call, and the doctor answered the phone on a Saturday, and we explained the situation. She said, ‘You need to come down here,'” Paige recalls. “There’s a cancer center in Houston called M.D. Anderson Cancer Center [and] said ‘This is where you need to get treatment.’”