WATCH: Man Walks Out of His Garage, Immediately Gets Mobbed by Massive Herd of Deer

by Shelby Scott

Is it every hunter’s dream or every hunter’s nightmare? A new video shows that one man become absolutely mobbed by a massive herd of deer when he walked out of his garage, coming face to face with an antler-bedecked visitor.

The clip, which you can view here, rapidly becomes less wondrous by the end. While various wildlife, from squirrels all the way up to bears have been known to break into people’s homes on occasion, it’s obvious by the end of the clip that the man in the video has fed this herd before. And more than likely, they’ve told their friends.

The first moments of the clip begin as the man opens the door to his garage, giving viewers an up-close view of a very friendly, human-conditioned deer. As the man enters the garage, the buck humorously licks his lips and backs toward the garage door, his hooves, and those of his companions, comically clicking on the pavement.

Wading into the mob of deer, the man turns the camera onto his face and dumps a cup of grain over his shoulder which a handful of the deer enthusiastically start chowing down on.

Viewers took to the comments to share their love for the herd of deer and their human friend.

“[A]ll you need now is a sleigh and some elves!” one viewer joked. Another quipped, “If that’s an attack, they can storm my home.” Because honestly, who wouldn’t love to see their front yard occupied by a massive herd of deer?

Curious Deer Delays Mail Carrier’s Route

While some deer are incredibly skittish, others have been conditioned, like the herd above, to the human presence. Another humorous clip captures the moment that Minnesota mail carrier, Fanjie Nelson, came face to face with a docile doe in an attempt to deliver a letter to someone on her route. However, the delivery didn’t quite go smoothly as the deer blocked Nelson’s path to the door for more than a minute. Check it out.

With snow coating the ground, the deer takes a few curious sniffs of the letter, Nelson hilariously asking her if it belongs to her and whether she actually occupies the house behind her.

“You live here, right?” the mail carrier asked the friendly deer. “Isn’t this your house?”

Nelson tries to make her way past the deer, but instead of moving aside, she simply continues backing up the path.

“What are you doing?” the mail carrier laughed. Finally, as the duo neared the porch, the deer moved aside, with Nelson stating, “That’s what I thought,” as the animal’s other four-legged companion looked on.

Perhaps the next time your mail goes missing, it may not be by the hand of some package thief, but instead, you might want to take a second look at your local deer population. They might just be holding your deliveries hostage.