WATCH: Manatee Chases Alligator at State Park in Wild Video Captured by Florida Man

by Jonathan Howard

Florida man and alligators, a pair as classic as peanut butter and jelly. However, this Florida man wasn’t directly involved. What Dennis Osha saw at the Myakka River State Park was something rare indeed. While enjoying the great outdoors of Sarasota, Osha saw a chase that sounds like something out of a nature documentary.

A manatee was booking it after an alligator. These two animals are used to having to deal with one another, and they don’t often have altercations like this. However, in the wild, nothing is sacred, and there are no bonds between species. There are hardly any bonds within species.

When it comes to the numbers game, this area has a lot more alligators than manatees. The park has just a few sea cows compared to thousands of gators. Not exactly a fair fight there. However, one on one, the manatee can throw its 1,000-pound weight around.

When it came down to it, this manatee might have just been swimming in the same direction as the alligator and spooked it. One park official compared it to two animals, like a deer and a rabbit, coming across one another in the wild. They know the other exists, but they don’t really interact and just do what they will without bothering each other.

Check out the video below and see for yourself. Is this an act of aggression, or just two cars passing on the highway?

Everyone should just be glad that no persons were in the waters as these two large bests made their way through. Alligators don’t forgive or show mercy.

Alligator Bites Tampa Man’s Face

Take this story from Lake Thonotosassa where an alligator bit a Tampa man in the face. It ended up taking a chunk out of the man and he ended up in the hospital. One moment, the victim was swimming around in the lake, and the next he couldn’t get away fast enough. There were witnesses to the reptile attack.

“I just heard a scream and I looked up, and I didn’t see anything,” one person said to local news.

“I didn’t know what had happened I thought maybe he hit a rock or maybe there was something that spooked him. It was pretty gnarly, it was definitely an alligator bite on his face.”

The man made it out of the water and called 9-1-1 all by himself. However, he was in critical condition by the time he arrived at the hospital.