WATCH: Man Gets Pinky Literally Ripped Off By a Shark While Fishing With His Family

by Amy Myers

Time for a pop-quiz, Outsiders. What’s the last place you should ever grab a shark by? If you guessed “teeth,” then you likely won’t end up with one less finger like this poor guy.

Recently, a video surfaced of a well-meaning dad teaching his two sons about the joys of fishing when they found a shark at the end of their line. While mom held tight on the line, dad tried to lift the shark onboard for closer observation. Unable to get a good hold on the tumbling fish, he decided to grab it by its snout instead of its sides.

Within seconds, the eager angler found out what a huge mistake this was.

Almost instantly, the shark grabbed onto whatever flesh it could find and continued rolling over and over in the water. As the fish gave one last twist, it took off the man’s pinkie, escaping back into the water with a blood-soaked snout. Meanwhile, dad got to work clotting the intense wound, no longer interested in making family memories.

Watch the gruesome moment below.

To be fair, there is plenty of fish that you can lip (pull by the mouth) to bring them out of the water, but come on, a shark? Not a chance, big guy.

Viewers Can’t Help But Poke Fun at Pinkie-Less Shark Victim

On the bright side, the man lost one of the only fingers he can live without compromising too many activities. He may be slower on the computer keyboard and probably won’t ever become a concert pianist, but the loss is not as devastating as it would be if lost one of his thumbs.

Naturally, this shark attack survivor was due for some light ribbing from viewers on Instagram, and the jokes just kept getting better.

“Well, that kid learned an important lesson,” one viewer said.

One of the kids did correct a crucial mistake similar to his father’s at the beginning of the clip. While his dad tangoed with the shark, he tucked his little piggies underneath his legs, chanting “Don’t bite our toes” to the flailing fish.

“Pinky ring for sale… Great deal won’t last,” another viewer joked.

A third concurred, “No more pinky swear.”

“Mo’ pinkies, mo’ problems.”

Meanwhile, others couldn’t believe how casual the guy was about losing the digit after the fish let go. While holding onto his own arm, the man declared he had, indeed, lost his pinkie to the shark before letting out a single swear. No screaming, no bending over in pain. Just a simple statement and then right to the first aid kit (probably).

“Said ‘I lost my g—damn pinky’ like he lost his phone at the boat ramp,” one person observed.

Another added, “The casual way he says it, like losing body parts through stupidity is a regular occurrence for him.”

It’s very possible this isn’t even the first finger the guy has lost. But hopefully, it’s the last one he’ll give up to a fish.