WATCH: Marten Kills Raccoon Perched High in a Tree

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Philippe Clément/Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Raccoons are brazen animals, unafraid of lashing out at large, seemingly unbeatable prey, and even going after humans if provoked. However, one raccoon proved you can’t win all the time. A new viral video shows an aggressive marten killing a small raccoon that had been perched high in a tree. Sensitive viewers might not want to watch.

The video, which was posted to the popular Instagram page “Nature Is Metal,” shows the larger animal grabbing the raccoon by the back of its neck and aggressively shaking it back and forth. For a few moments, we see the raccoon struggle, bracing its paws against the tree trunk. However, suddenly its body goes limp and the marten skillfully climbs back down the tree, easily carrying its prey with him.

Per the author of the post, martens are disarmingly adorable. In reality though, the creatures, a member of the Mustelidae family which includes otters, wolverines, badgers, and weasels, are extremely aggressive. Though they typically only weigh a couple of pounds, they are “cunning hunters with a number of adaptations that help them survive as a part of the great outside.”

Viewers, shocked at the combative marten’s behavior, flocked to the comments.

“God, the list of what marten and weasels kill to eat just becomes longer,” one viewer said. “Absolute little predators, all terrain. [Magnificent].”

Another wrote, “Martens are f—ing WILD!!!”

Well, after watching that intense footage, I can’t say that I disagree.

Marten Completely Wrecks German Grocery Store

If you needed further proof that martens are absolutely wild, then look no further. Last year, a video went viral after a different marten went completely bonkers in a German grocery store. Footage from the insane encounter shows what looks like broken bottles of juice or alcohol all over the floor. And literally rising above it all is an agitated marten.

If you take note of the date, the marten’s disaster is made even worse by the fact that the video went viral on Christmas Eve last year. So some poor soul was not only left trying to chase the crazed animal out of the store, but they were also probably stuck working late on a holiday sopping up unintentionally mixed drinks and mounds of broken glass.

Unfortunately, we never actually get to close the marten’s saga as it frantically climbs back and forth between letters on the wall marking the aisle’s contents. The clip ends once the animal reaches the last letter on the wall and sits back on its hind legs, trying to make an escape.

“Catch me if you can,” one viewer quipped. Another added, “Oh boy. He is in trouble.”

If nothing else, I think there’s one thing we learned here today: stay clear of martens.