WATCH: Massive Bear Attempting to Den Under Deck of Colorado Home Removed by Officers

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/USO)

One Colorado bear is feeling the Fat Bear Week traditions this week. All while trying to make itself all nice and cozy by denning under the deck of a Durango area home.

In a recent Instagram post, one area wildlife official shares some wild pics of the bear. The post also includes clips of the experts removing the massive animal from under the home. According to the officials, it took multiple people…and a tranquilizer dart…to move the massive animal from the area.

This Was Not A Suitable Den Location For The Wild Bear

In a recent Instagram post, Colorado Parks and Wildlife official John Livingston jokes that this wild event is Durango’s version of Fat bear week. And, this massive sleeper could certainly be a contender!

“Fat bear week meets Durango…,” Livingston quips in the recent social media post.

“Bears start to look for a good place to den for the winter this time of year,” the official explains in the Insta caption. However, Livingston notes that choosing the spot under “the deck of a home in the backyard of a residential #Durango neighborhood is not a suitable den location.

According to the Instagram post, wildlife officials responded to a report from the residents of the home. The caller noted that the wild animal setting up a den under the deck. Additionally, the experts note this sighting was just down the road from an elementary school. And, Livingston says, it’s also super close to his own residence.

“What we didn’t expect to find was one of the largest male bears we have ever seen in town,” Livingston relates in the Instagram post.

The Massive Animal Weighs At Least 400 Pounds

Livingston continues on to note that it took a tranquilizer and multiple officials to remove the unexpected visitor from under the home’s deck. Experts were then on hand to load the bear onto a trailer. Preparing the animal for relocation.

“The bear underwent a quick health exam and was equipped with a microchip and ear tags,” the Instagram caption continues.

“Then, this bear was given a reversal drug to counteract the effects of the tranquilizer,” Livingston adds.

“It quickly came to and was given a ride far away (more than 60 miles) from Durango,” the CPW official explains.

“[For] relocation in a place with suitable bear habitat, good food to eat,” he says. “[And] where it is unlikely to encounter hunters this season.”Top StoriesREAD MORE

Livingston adds that this massive bear is estimated to be around 10 years old and around 400 pounds.

“While we haven’t had to handle many bears in the town limits of Durango this year, this highlights the importance of removing attractants around your home as bears look to bulk up before denning for winter,” Livingston says.

“Be sure to pick up fallen fruit, safely secure trash, and remove bird feeders,” he adds. “You really don’t want a bear of this size in your yard.”