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WATCH: Massive Buck Takes Down Hunter in Act of ‘Revenge’

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

This deer got back at its hunter with one final act of revenge. Two hunters walk up to a buck that they’ve shot, and as one of the men gets close to the buck, it jumps up and seems to attack the hunter. Then, after making contact with the man and knocking him to the ground, the deer falls back to the ground, where it seems to slowly succumb to death.

The act served as one last hurrah, getting back at the hunter for putting him down.

In the jarring clip, the buck seems to resurrect from the ground and springs into action. It’s like a fuse was lit underneath it, because the animal seems to fly through the air. It reached some impressive hang-time.

The deer clearly possesses an impressive vertical, too. The deer’s antlers appear to be about a foot over the hunter’s head at its highest point. It leaps from a bottom where it had been laying and ascends so high that its front hooves basically hook around the man’s right shoulder.

As this happens, the man uses the buck’s momentum to push the deer backwards as it’s still flying through the air. Luckily, the buck’s antlers stayed above the man’s head the whole time. The deer was surely traveling fast enough to poke out an eye, or even worse, with its sharp antlers.

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After pushing the deer, the man seems to stumble over a stump or shrubbery in the area. He slips and falls quickly, landing in the leaves. He looks afraid that the buck might hop on top of him, but right after this initial jump, the buck falls back to the ground.

However, it looks like the buck gave it all it had. Once it makes contact with the ground, its body seems to slowly deflate as if its final breaths were leaving its body. The hunter in the foreground of the frame looks back to the person filming, seemingly shocked by the circumstance. The man on the ground looks around, also surprised by what just happened.

Plenty of users online had something to say about the encounter. “This is [why] you never approach downed game from the front,” one user wrote, adding a laughing emoji.

“Choot ‘em Cletus, Choot ‘em!!” one person wrote, jokingly referencing the famous Swamp People catchphrase. “just shows even wild life don’t kneel so easy as people do,” another person said.

Hopefully, next time these hunters go to retrieve a downed buck, they’ll be a little more careful. If the buck had angled its antlers downward, we may truly have a story of a buck getting its revenge.