WATCH: Massive Grizzly Bear Brutally Attacks Younger Male While Vying for a Mate

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Sometimes, a viral video is so harsh that a warning label might be fitting, and this one with a grizzly bear is worth one. We have seen animals in nature do some pretty wild things. Yet this video is both wild and quite brutal in nature. A grizzly bear is attacking another one. A larger one is attacking a smaller, younger one. This battle would be one that goes to the larger foe. Yet there is something about this video that appears to be quite disturbing. We’ll let you watch it and see for yourself. Sadly, the younger grizzly bear would ultimately be euthanized. Details will be forthcoming about this matter down below the video. We would caution you that, again, this is not for the faint of heart. But if you want to see nature in its real, authentic core, then you will want to see this video.

According to the caption provided here, “Bear management staff at YNPark arrived soon after the attack to observe the young bear. After roughly one hour had passed with no significant improvement, they came to the conclusion that he was not going to survive. The bear was euthanized soon after.” You might also ask about those injuries the younger grizzly bear suffered in the battle. We get more information about that in the caption, too. “Biologists, who later performed a necropsy on the bear, determined that it suffered significant injuries, including massive head, neck and spinal wounds, a broken right shoulder and a laceration in the right flank exposing its organs.”

Brutal Fight Leaves Younger Grizzly Bear Dead

As we said, this is a pretty brutal fight that you see in the video. One person would write in the comments, “I always think I’m ready for these kinds of posts, but man they’re hard to watch”. Another one said, “Aaaaaand this is reason 1,259 why bears are nightmare fuel”. Yeah, it might be cool to try and connect with a bear. People think it is sometimes cool to approach animals. Do you really want to do so with a grizzly bear? After seeing this video, maybe you would take a second or third thought about it. Don’t be like this moron tourist and make kissing noises at the bear. We know that you might feel brave and powerful.

When you see this video, maybe you can take a minute and understand the power of nature. There’s something going on here at a deeper level. A grizzly bear has his eyes set on a mate. He wants to connect with her and her alone. We’d suggest possibly even bookmarking this video and looking at it when you have questions about animal behavior.