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WATCH: Massive Hippo Takes Off After Man Running for His Life

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Juancho Torres/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Though their round shape and relatively short legs suggest the contrary, the hippo is one of the most dangerous land-dwelling animals in the world. With foot-long tusks, deadly canines, and a top weight of 9,000 pounds, these easily perturbed creatures are some of the most aggressive to occupy the African savannah. That’s why we’re dying to know how the following video—which shows a man running for his life as a hippopotamus chases him—actually ends. 

The early half of the now-viral video initially takes in a hippo, lazily enjoying a quiet moment by the water. However, that peaceful moment soon comes to an end as the creature spots a curious man getting a little too close for comfort. Launching into a sprint, the hippo’s short legs easily take it through the shallows of the pool and back onto land where it rapidly catches up to the doomed human. 

Social Media Has Hysterical Reactions to Viral Encounter

Per the post from the popular Instagram page NatureIsMetal, hippos, despite their stout extremities, are capable of reaching speeds of nearly 20 miles per hour, “which just so happens to be the average speed of your average human sprinting away from a maniacal hippopotamus with a bone to pick.” 

Viewers took to the comments, in hysterics over the man’s light jog as the hippo took off after him.

“Bros speed is not matching the intensity of the situation,” one commenter argued. Dozens of other viewers agreed, claiming the man in the clip likely met an unfortunate end at the hands of the angry hippo. 

“[I] was thinking the same thing,” another viewer agreed. A third quipped, “yeah that’s how I run at a crosswalk, not with a one ton killer chasing me.” 

As a multitude of commenters predicted the death of the fleeing man, others were upset at the poor quality of the videographer’s recording skills. 

“Who taught you how to film?!?!?” one of the page’s followers demanded. One other viewer joked, “Is it too much to ask to record your husbands death for us with a steady hand geez.”

Lion Devours Live Baby Hippo in Horrific Scene

As dangerous as an angry hippo can be, lions are typically considered the real kings of the jungle. And though these furry predators wouldn’t normally tempt fate at the hands of a mature hippopotamus, a grizzly clip that went viral last month captures a horrific scene as a male lion devours what appears to be a still-alive juvenile hippo. 

Flashlights and the flash of a camera intensify the horror movie-like aspect of the scene, white light reflecting in the wide eyes of the hungry lion. With blood coating the fur around its mouth and its lips peeled back in a threat, the lion rips into the tiny hippo, the doomed creature grunting with every bite. 

Overall, while we don’t advise approaching a mature hippopotamus, we also don’t recommend getting this close to a ravenous lion.