WATCH: Massive Hoard of Tumbleweeds Overrun Colorado House

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by KC McGinnis/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

A massive group of tumbleweeds invaded a Colorado Springs home after being pushed by wind gusts of nearly 60 mph. The house was nearly buried with a collection of the dried plants.

A video shared by KKTV shows how the house’s resident scooping the tumbleweeds away with a rake.

Check out the insane footage below.

“Pictures really don’t do it justice…Video might,” wrote Lauren Watson, who posted the video to Twitter. “After I talked with the resident, he started the journey back inside.”

Tumbleweeds are found in many parts of Colorado and throughout all the American west. They result from a dried out plant, often the Russian thistle, snapping off and blowing away. 

“Tumbleweeds might be the iconic props of classic Westerns. But in real life, they’re not only a noxious weed, but one that moves around. Pushed by gusts of wind, they can overwhelm entire neighborhoods, or become a threat for drivers and an expensive nuisance for farmers,” according to an education video from PBS on YouTube

The home from the video is located in the Security-Widefield area of Colorado Springs. The incident occurred on October 23.

Local Residents Talk About Tumbleweed Invasion of Their Home

People started sending photos just after 10 a.m. of the massive pile of tumbleweeds burying the front yard. Not only the yard but a vehicle remains buried.

“I looked out my backyard, it didn’t seem so bad and then I went out the front yard and it was pretty crazy,” said Ian Barnes, the resident of the home.

Barnes found himself having to rake his way back into the house.

“I just kind of muscled through it. It wasn’t … they’re not too bad, there are a lot of stickers and stuff, but not too bad to get through,” Barnes told 11 News reporter Lauren Watson.

Barnes’ plight became a source of neighborhood intrigue.

“A lot of neighbors coming through, taking photos, asking if they can help, stuff like that so it’s been pretty nice to see the neighborhood come together … I’ve just been appreciative of that.”

The home is located on San Mateo Drive, which is near the Colorado Springs Airport. The neighborhood is familiar with wind damage, but Barnes said he never expected the mess in his yard Sunday morning.

“We had a windstorm last year, but it wasn’t this bad. Early spring, we had our fence get blown down a couple of times and quite a few houses have had that, but not the tumbleweeds. But it sounds like they just sprouted and kind of let loose this weekend, so…”

Winds in the area exceeded 60 mph all morning on Sunday. However, winds had calmed by Monday.