WATCH: Massive Python Sneaks Into Home Through Bathroom, Sizes Up Pet Kittens

by Alex Falls

Encountering a python outside can be terrifying enough for some. The sight of reptiles, especially snakes, can send chills down the spines of even the most fearless people out there. But what if a 12-foot reptile turned up in your bathroom? This is exactly what happened in Thailand when a family found the massive creature who apparently swam up the toilet.

In a video that is now being circulated widely across social media, the massive python can be seen reaching the plush bathroom through the toilet. The reptile then moves moving over the bathtub as it stares at the inhabitants of the house. Including their two pet kittens, from behind a transparent partition around the bathtub.

The python was extremely close to two pet kittens but it couldn’t get to them because of being blocked by a glass window. Before it could inflict any harm to the lady or her kittens, the serpent was caught by two animal handlers. However, they had a difficult time getting a hold of the slippery python.

See the Snake that Slipped Through the Pipes

The terrifying encounter was captured on video and shared by the popular outlet Now This News. See the video below for a first-hand view of the reptile’s home invasion.

The caption of the video reads, “This wild footage shows the moment a 12-foot python entered a woman’s bathroom in Thailand, getting scarily close to two of her pet kittens. The snake, which is believed to have slithered in via the woman’s toilet, was safely removed by two animal handlers.”

The clip has gotten more than 597,000 views, 263,000 likes on Instagram, and hundreds of comments. Many expressed how their new ultimate fears involve snakes coming up from the toilet.

“I’d leave and never came back,” wrote one user. “I have heard of toilet snake stories. This is not helping. I am just….I cannot…” wrote another who will no doubt look into the toilet before sitting down from now on. “OK they’re always finding snakes coming out of [the] toilet but my question is how are they getting into the pipes in the first place?” asked another curious person.

Pythons Can Be Hiding Anywhere

Another recent video made the rounds on the web when an electrician made the surprising discovery of not one, but two pythons hiding in the ceiling.

In the shocking video, a snake handler responds to the situation and calmly approaches the reptiles with admirable bravery. Leave these situations to the professionals if you’re ever unlucky enough to come across one of these intimidating creatures in your home. These professionals made it look effortless, but the normal person has no business approaching a huge python. Even in your own home.