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WATCH: Massive Sei Whale Comes Out of Nowhere, Swallows Entire Ball of Bait Fish

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/by wildestanimal)

Sei whales are a rare sight in ocean waters these days. The massive ocean-dwelling creatures suffered major population depletion over the last few centuries. For hundreds of years, these mammals were hunted for their meat and oils leaving the population in danger of extinction. So any sighting of one of these whales is an incredible sight. Especially a sighting as unexpected as the one shared recently on the Nature Is Metal Instagram page.

Sei Whale Scoops Up Some Goodies In Wild Insta Video

In the clip shared by the Nature Is Metal Instagram page we see a dark form floating amid the sapphire-hued waters deep under the ocean surface.

It’s an image that gives off a serene feel as we try to figure out what the shadowy form floating off in the distance actually is. However, we soon realize that, whatever it was, this shadowy circle is likely made up of fish – something a Sei whale finds delicious. Seemingly out of nowhere, one of these massive mammals appears from below. Swallowing the group of unsuspecting fish whole before swimming away into the deep blue sea.

We Wonder…How Much Of This Whale’s Daily Fish Quota Does This Snack Provide?

According to the Nature Is Metal Instagram page, this wild clip shows the Sei whale as it depletes a significant number of baitfish from a “bait ball.”

A move that the massive oceanic creature does in one very smooth, and very impressive motion, we might add. It’s no doubt from the clip that this type of whale often catches its goodies in this exact fashion.

“Sei whale opens wide and deletes a significant percentage of a bait ball,” notes the caption to this wild Nature Is Metal Insta clip.

“In other words,” the post continues, “an underwater mammal (roughly the size of a tractor trailer) materializes out of nowhere. [Swings] open her massive jaws and glides through a petrified group of bait fish.”

The caption continues noting that through this smooth maneuver, the Sei whale captured “a good portion of them in one go.”

Then, the Insta caption drops some wild facts, noting that this type of massive whale needs roughly 2,000 pounds of food per day. That is an unbelievable amount of baitfish, that’s for sure! We do wonder, however, just as the Insta post does…how much of this 2,000-pound daily quota did this one strike provide the hungry whale?