WATCH: Massive Waterspout Sends Beachgoers Running

by Emily Morgan
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Tourists recently had their beach vacation ruined after terrifying waterspouts erupted out of the water and wreaked havoc on a Mediterranean resort town on the southeast coast of Cyprus.

People began running for their lives in the blink of an eye as a violent waterspout attacked the coastline, sending beach chairs and other debris flying as the water tornado made landfall. In the footage, viewers watch in horror as they can see the initial stages of the twister on Monday as it formed a long, thin column above the ocean.

In just a matter of moments, the waterspout gained strength quickly and developed into a more significant tornado-style twister. As it picked up intensity, it also got visibly wider. At one point, it changed its course towards the beach sending beach furniture into the air and ferociously picking up water with sand as tourists sprinted out of the area.

Waterspouts fall into two categories: Fair-weather and tornadic

After the horrifying incident, local authorities said the water tornado did no significant damage besides moving several beach chairs along the shoreline. According to data, nearly one million tourists travel to Cyprus each year to bask in the sun and enjoy the city’s iconic beaches and shoreline.

Waterspouts, commonly seen as slender tornados, usually appear in the late summer and fall. They can be dangerous for boaters as well as shoreline locations. However, they’re typically no threat farther inland since they dissipate soon after making landfall.

However, the spinning flumes of air and water mist can sometimes cause as much damage as a tornado. Water spouts fall into two categories: fair-weather and tornadic.

Tornadic types are what you likely see if there’s a severe thunderstorm. They’re also often accompanied by high winds and swell, large hail, and dangerous lightning.

In contrast, fair-weather kinds usually forms along the dark flat base of a line of existing clouds. A fair-weather waterspout is near full-full-grown when you can see the funnel.

Last month, a waterspout on Lake Erie was spotted. According to bystander Rebecca Snyder, she took a video of the waterspout at around 9:30 Sunday morning. She was at Madison Township Park.

Four incredible waterspouts seen off the Spanish coast

In addition, around the same time, a videographer captured the incredible moment when heavy storms formed four separate waterspouts. Check out the insane footage of the phenomenon below.

According to reports, the waterspouts in the viral video formed near Majorca, Spain. In addition, it’s also not unheard of for multiple waterspouts to begin at once during a severe storm.

The video was captured by a boater, Anton Adanero Guinea. He was off the Eastern side of the island of Majorca when the waterspouts formed.