WATCH: Mesmerizing Video Shows Clouds Creating Mountain Landscapes Off Florida Coast

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Tim Graham / Contributor

An astounding video of the clouds looking like a stormy, spooky mountain range has gone viral online. Andrew Farnam captured the clip while enjoying his beach vacation in Florida. The phenomenal pic looks like something straight out of the upcoming Twister sequel

“Have YOU ever seen anything like this?! Epic Asperitas cloud formation off the coast of Fort Walton Beach, Florida,” someone wrote along with a clip of the stunning event. Twitter users couldn’t help but gush over the incredible cloud formations in the comments section. 

“Looks like a mountain painting, so beautiful,” one person wrote. Someone else added, “Wow!! Looks like something out of the movies. Even looks like a backdrop. Impressive!!” 

In addition, someone offered some insight into the clouds. “I’m from here, it’s not too uncommon to see these swells,” the user explained. “The ‘wall’ is actually the front. The ripple effect is in part due from shape of the bay, the waves below and other factors. (I’m not meteorologist but remembered speaking to one on Navarre Beach)

Minnesota woman captures sinister pic of clouds, goes viral

Recently in Minnesota, a similar event played out when a spectacular picture of clouds looking like a stormy seascape went viral on Reddit. 

The breathtaking pic, shot by Minnesota native Theresa Birgin Lucas, was shared to Reddit by user u/Harvickfan4Life. The post has now accrued over 88,000 upvotes. It depicts a gray, thick sky looming over a road, giving the appearance that the whole ocean is hovering only several dozen feet off the ground.

Clouds, which consist of plumes of condensed water vapor in the atmosphere, are like us— they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. 

However, their features depend on the atmospheric conditions, temperature, and size of the water droplets. According to the National Weather Service, there are four core types: cirro-form, cumulo-form, nimbo-form, and strato-form.

Cirro-form is high and wispy, while cumulo-form are usually detached that look like white fluffy cotton balls. Strato-form are expansive blanket-like clouds, and nimbo-form is a rainy category that consists of elements of the other three types.

However, weather experts are divided regarding what type of cloud is in the photo, with some questioning its authenticity.

“The picture looks fake to me,” said Katja Friedrich, an atmospheric and oceanic sciences professor at the University of Colorado. “First, there seems to be a light source on the lower left and upper right—maybe now we have two suns? Second, it looks like the lower clouds are moving in from the left, while the upper cloud is thicker on the right, which might suggest that it moves in from the right.”

She added: “I am also not sure why a cloud should be slanted towards us—it almost looks like a wall cloud, but why is the upper part so far in the background?”