WATCH: Missouri Hiker Stumbles Upon Band of Wild Horses in the Woods

by Megan Molseed
Getty Images

Hikers know well that the deeper you get into the wilderness the better your chances are of seeing some impressive wildlife. And, one Missouri hiker is learning this firsthand, coming upon a wild sight during a recent outdoor adventure.

As Tim Layton was walking in the Missouri wilderness, he ran into something spectacular…a herd of wild animals. Thankfully, the hiker was eager to share this amazing experience, catching the animals on video to give us all a glimpse of the wondrous sight.

In the video, we see the hiker as he sets out hiking along Missouri’s Shawnee creek hoping to catch a glimpse of the wild horses. “We have found the horses back in the woods here along the creek line,” Layton says of previous sightings of these wild animals. As the video continues, the hiker shows us a trail that hints the animals are near.

“We have found the horses hiding here,” Tim Layton says as he walks along the trail. “fairly frequently,” he adds.

As the video continues, the hiker shares areas along the trail showing spots where the horses are known to spend time. Especially as Shawnee Creek’s water levels remain low.

Hiker Takes Us On An Adventure Trying To Catch Sight Of Wild Horse Herd In The Missouri Wilderness

By about five minutes into the clip, the Missouri hiker has taken us along the main field system and just off the path into areas where the horses like to hide.

“But they have been so difficult to find,” Layton says, noting that events throughout the summer have changed the patterns the wild horses follow on a regular basis. While the video continues we are still not seeing any horses, but Layton is showing us plenty of evidence that the horses have been in the area.

“Looks like the horses got us this time,” the hiker jokes in the clip as he’s just about to wrap everything up. However, all hope is not lost when just as the hikers were ready to take off for the day the wild horses suddenly show up.

“We had already resolved that we just weren’t going to find them,” Layton jokes as he spots the wild animals.

“I can confirm that the two foals are still with the herds,” Layton says, noting that this makes him “happy.” Overall, the hikers counted 11 wild horses grazing in the meadow on this particular day.

Tim Layton features more videos following this herd of wild horses on his YouTube channel. These clips feature more information about this stunning herd of Missouri wild horses.