WATCH: Monitor Lizard Devours Giant Centipede Crawling on Its Back

by Amy Myers

This massive reptile nearly had his food walk right into his mouth when a giant centipede crawled across the monitor lizard’s face and onto its back. And it was probably the easiest meal he’s ever gotten.

Monitor lizards, which are traced back 90 million years to northern Asia, are the largest lizards on the continent and base their diets on crustaceans, fish, insects, small mammals, birds, amphibians and other reptiles. These incredible creatures are apt at detecting their prey in the grass and in water which is how this scaly subject found himself a sizeable snack.

The viral video of the incident featured an unsuspecting centipede literally crawling onto the side of this lizard’s jaw before making its way onto the ground. Likely stunned that a juicy bug would voluntarily get so close to a predator’s mouth, the monitor lizard didn’t react at first. However, before the insect could get too far away, the lizard snatched it up and gobbled it down in a matter of seconds. Afterwards, it flicked its tongue, almost like it was a celebration of a successful hunt.

Check it out.

Monitor Lizard Males Battle It out in the Strangest Way

The recent reptile isn’t the only monitor lizard to make headlines lately. In fact, it seems that netizens are quickly becoming aware of how strange and magnificent these creatures are.

In a separate incident, two males monitor lizards were duking it out in the middle of a Thailand street, but not in the way you’d expect. Instead of a fight full of teeth and claws, these two males were… hugging.

And if you don’t believe us, take a look for yourself.

As it turns out, these two lizards were wrestling for rights to the territory, and even though it might seem like a passionate moment, it was really pretty intense.

“The two reptiles held up traffic on the roadway for almost 30 min before taking their dispute elsewhere,” NowThis News reported.

Not surprisingly, the man behind the camera, a cab driver named driver Kot Thanatpan, believed this display to be a mating ritual.

“I had to adjust to avoid them. I thought they were boyfriends and girlfriends at first but then someone told they were actually fighting,” he told NewsFlare.

While it’s not clear which male won the match, they both seemed to be giving their all. In those few moments before the cabbie carried on, you can see the subtle yet crucial movements each lizard tried to make in order to win the upper hand – every step had to be intentional. Given the fact that the two continued the fight off the road, whoever won the battle surely seemed to deserve it.