WATCH: Montana Man Covered in Blood Details Grizzly Bear Attack in Shockingly Calm Video

by Jonathan Howard

What would you do if you got mauled by a grizzly bear? That is if you survived… Whatever your answer I’m sure it isn’t filming a selfie video. However, for one Montana man, that’s exactly what he did after not just being mauled by a bear but having to hike three miles back to his vehicle afterward. In the meantime, he decided to record his attack, for posterity’s sake, I’m sure.

Todd Orr was hiking back in 2016. Montana, bear country. He knew what the dangers were when he went out for his hike that day. As do most people who live in places where grizzlies roam and start families. It’s just being aware of the reality you are in.

Even though Orr shouted “hey bear,” every 30 seconds or so as to not startle any predators nearby – things just went south. The hiker was spotted by a mother with cubs from 80 feet out or so. Despite using bear mace, the mother grizzly wouldn’t be stopped and started to maul the man for a couple of minutes.

Graphic Video

The Bozeman resident recorded afterward. WARNING: This man was just attacked by a bear in this video. It is bloody and shows his injuries without blurring or editing

“Yeah, life sucks in bear country. Just had a grizzly with two cubs come at me from about 80 years and I sprayed the s*** out of her with bear spray. Then I went on my face, protected the back of my neck. She got my head good, I don’t know what’s under my hat. My ear, my arms, I got pieces of stuff hanging out, I don’t know what’s going on in there. And then my shoulder, it’s ripped up, think my arm’s broke. But legs are good, internal organs are good, eyes are good. I just walked out three miles and now I gotta go to the hospital.

“Be safe out there, bear spray doesn’t always work but it’s better than nothing.”

If that bear hadn’t been hit with that mace, it might have stuck around much longer than a couple of minutes, that’s for sure.

Grizzly Bears Don’t Mess Around

Here’s what I don’t get. Videos like this should remind folks that no matter what, they should stay away from bears and other wildlife. However, there is no shortage of people that go to national parks and just the outdoors in general and get themselves in bad situations.

The smart ones, like Todd Orr, know what to do in bear country. However, some folks are just too stubborn or dumb to know any better. Let’s hope that we can eventually teach the public at large how to be careful and resourceful like Todd. It might just save a few lives.