WATCH: Moose Invades the Pitch at Wyoming Youth Soccer Game

by Shelby Scott
Photo by: Peter Zenkl/VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A youth soccer team in Jackson Hole, Wyoming was forced to put their game on pause when a large moose came charging onto the pitch. Footage sees the antler-bedecked beast trotting behind the net with one of the children’s parents narrating the entire counter before the clip cuts.

As Unofficial Networks points out, it seems both the parents and the team’s players had experienced moose encounters like these in the past. Attendees at the game gave the animal a wide berth, children and adults moving out of its way as a woman that looks to be a coach herds her players away from the moose.

To its credit, the moose didn’t appear too perturbed by the soccer game either. Instead, it trotted on past the field, peacefully making its way past.

Massive Bull Moose Mosies Past Hidden Hiker in Tense Encounter

As the largest member of the deer family, moose can grow to reach six to seven feet in height at the shoulder, with males weighing in at more than 1,000 pounds. So finding yourself standing feet away from what could potentially be a territorial, mating bull is not the most pleasant of experiences. That said, one hiker found themselves in that exact situation, left hiding behind a tree as an insanely massive bull moose mosied its way on down the path choosing, this time, not to sniff out what it might see as a potential predator. Check out the ridiculous footage below.

Viewers, commenting on the animal’s sheer size, were shocked at just how massive this guy was.

“I never realized just how big these things were,” one person commented. Another quipped, “How were they moving through forests before humans made paths.”

A third person added, “You have to wonder, when these animals roamed this land without humans to bother them, what predator actually could make them run away?”

It’s a fair point actually. In addition to their body mass, a male moose’s rack can weigh as much as 40 pounds and can spread six feet from end to end. Based on the clip above, I’d say this moose’s rack ranges on the larger side. In addition, they’re capable of running, aka pursuing perceived threats at an impressive 35 miles per hour.

As one commenter humorously wrote, that’s “about 34 miles per hour faster than me.”

Brutal Fight Lands One Male Moose In a Truck Bed

Craving more moose content? Say no more. Now that we’ve explored their sheer size, it’s no understatement to say that moose, especially bull moose, are powerful creatures. However, they’re even more likely to demonstrate that power against other bull moose while in rut.

Recently, a video went viral after one bull moose was captured on camera nailing its opponent and sending him sailing into the bed of a nearby pickup truck. Be sure to check out the video and full story here.