Moronic Tourist Kicked by Moose After Trying To Take Selfie

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo credit should read JULIEN BESSET/AFP via Getty Images)

A Russian tourist learned a pretty tough life lesson after being kicked by a moose while attempting to take a selfie in a national park.

A resurfaced video from 2021 shows the seconds leading up to the rough moose encounter. In the clip, a group of people crowded the animal while snapping some pics and standing way too close. The large animal reacted and ended up kicking a young child in the crowd to the ground. It was then scared off by the crowd as adults quickly went to assist the child.

The video can be seen here.

According to BePrepared, the most important thing to do when encountering a moose is to keep your distance. The species is considered a “nervous” creature and if approached too much or too closely by people, they may become stressed and even aggressive. 

Kristine Rines, a wildlife biologist with New Hampshire Fish and Game and New Hampshire’s state Moose Program Director, spoke about people changing moose behavior by getting way too close. “You should be far enough away to get behind the nearest tree before a galloping horse could get there,” she explained. 

It’s also noted that people shouldn’t feed a moose. If fed, the animal may become aggressive if they do not get as much food as it anticipated. This means it can also attack those who are not feeding it. It’s actually considered a time in Alaska to feed animals. This is due to the fact that the animal may become aggressive and unsafe to the public. If that happens, the animal may get put down. 

Here is What to Do in the Event of a Moose Attack 

BrePrepared further reported that if someone recognizes signs of “moose aggression” they are to do specific actions in order to avoid an attack. 

The first thing to do is back away from the moose and run. It’s also important to get behind the nearest tree, fence, or building that acts as a strong barrier away from the moose. The person should then curl up into a ball in case the moose knocks them to the ground. It was noted that this actually may help protect the head and vital organs. 

The person should not get back up until the moose has moved a good distance from them. If the person gets up too soon, the animal may try to attack again. “The best way to avoid a moose attack is by learning,” the website explains. “Taking preventative measures before you go into the outdoors.” 

Alaska Department of Fish and Game further explained that moose tend to become aggressive in late September and October. This is due to the rut season. “In late spring and summer, cow moose with young calves are very protective,” the agency stated. “And will attack humans who come too close. If you see a calf on its own, be very careful because you may have walked between it and its mother — a very dangerous place to be.”