WATCH: Moronic Tourist Scales Fallen Log Instead of Bridge Above Roaring Waterfall in Glacier National Park

by Emily Morgan

With the last few days of summer approaching, many are hitting the trails to soak up the remaining sunshine. However, many hikers, like this one in Glacier National Park, are on the hunt to get the perfect pic, despite putting their lives at risk.

Sadly, some tourists devote too much time to snapping photos and less to trail safety. For instance, one bonehead hiker made us face palm after they were caught scaling a fallen log in Montana’s gorgeous Glacier National Park. While the hiker was taking in views at St. Mary Falls in the pristine national park, they fumbled over the log instead of taking the pedestrian bridge to get the best pic.

As viewers will see in the video shared by the Instagram account “Tourons of Yellowstone,” a huge log has washed down the river and has lodged itself on some rocks right at the crest of the falls. Instead of admiring the views and scenery from a safe distance on the bridge, one woman saw the log as an opportunity for a photo-op.

Hiker in Glacier National Park puts life on the line for ‘insta-worthy’ picture

As the video begins, you can see the woman sitting in the middle of the log right above the rushing waters, which could easily wash her away should she fall. Although the log was massive, the log seemed to be far from stable. The tourist then poses for photos before scooting herself off the log and back onto the trail.

This is the perfect example of play stupid games and win stupid prizes. Although the woman may have won by getting her “insta-worthy” pic, it could’ve been fatal.

While a fall from that log may or may not have killed her, drowning could’ve been a huge possibility. Drowning is also the number one leading cause of death in the country’s national parks.

In addition, the rushing waters underneath her were moving at a ridiculous speed. The raging currents were so fast that not even Michael Phelps could fight them off. As a result, there would likely have been nothing anyone could have done to save her.

We shouldn’t have to state this, but this is a perfect example of what not to do while hiking. As many know, the trails, bridges, and railings were put there for a reason: your safety.

Unfortunately, as many hit the trails, common sense practices can often take a back seat. However, if there’s one positive element we can take from this clip, it’s that at least no one got hurt.

Please think of this as yet another example of what not to do on your next outing.