WATCH: Moronic Tourists Walk Dangerously Close to Colorado Bull Elk

by Shelby Scott
(Photo By Jerry Cleveland/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

If you’re looking for your daily dose of moronic national park tourists, then look no further. The following video captures several groups of tourists as they walk dangerously close to some Colorado bull elk in Estes Park.

As soon as the video begins, we can see the danger, with tourists standing just feet from a massive bull elk watching over his herd. The remainder of the herd lies peacefully in the grass near one of the park’s visitors and information centers, however, the bull elk gives clear signals that he is not happy.

Standing over one of the female elk, the bull steps toward the group of tourists, bluffing a charge as he lowers his antlers at a nearby man. However, the man himself should have seen the signs to step backward from the beginning, the elk flattening its ears and licking its lips in irritation.

Though the nearly two-minute-long video is a compilation, the first probably captures the most moronic confrontation. The man behind the camera even warns his fellow tourist to keep his distance from the bull elk.

“Sir, you need to move back a little bit,” we can hear him say. Fortunately for the man with the walking stick, both the elk’s charges were bluffs. However, it certainly heightens the importance of keeping our distance from national park wildlife.

Another video in the compilation shows one tourist walking within feet of a mature bull elk, the gracious animal again only bluffing his charges.

In every instance in the clip, the bulls were, fortunately, only bluffing. However, a mature elk, which can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds or more, is especially dangerous, making it a good idea to observe from a distance at all times.

Bull Elk Charges Van in Show of Dominance

Most times, when an elk charges at a human, it’s because that human provoked the charge. However, occasionally, the bull elk, when threatened, initiates the encounter, and, for your sake, you better hope you’re in a car. One clip, which you can view here, sees the moment an aggressive bull elk charges one person’s van as it stops alongside it.

Again, the honorable beast launches into a bluff charge. However, after the van stops right alongside him, the male elk becomes threatened and has no choice but to try and gouge the rolling metal box with its massive antlers.

Fortunately for the driver, the van sustained little damage, though even in the fading light, we can see that the elk left a dent. Viewers, however, encouraged the driver to keep the dent as a “conversation piece.”

Others wrote, “I love how the driver stopped after he was rammed like he was about to collect the elk’s insurance information.”

Another quipped, “I love the fact that this elk looked at this multiple-ton slab of steel and thought ‘yeah, I can fight that.'”

In truth, the latter clip is hysterical. However, we’re still going to harp on the fact that it’s crucial for national park tourists to maintain their distance from these massive animals.