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WATCH: Morons Roasted for Launching Rocks Over the Rim of the Grand Canyon

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Matteo Colombo)

It looks like it’s time for another edition of moron tourists pulling dangerous stunts at one of our nation’s gorgeous national parks. This time it’s a shocking moment at the Grand Canyon. A moment that brings to mind the recently created term “tourons”. A term that is now going viral as videos of daft tourists making bad decisions continue to make their way online.

This time, the Tourons of Yellowstone Instagram page is sharing a clip featuring tourists making some very dangerous choices. The clip shows the crew as they make very poor choices, throwing objects over the rim of the Grand Canyon. Not only is this move against the law, the Insta post notes, but it’s also very dangerous. Anyone could be down there…hikers touring the canyon, or wildlife that resides in the area.

Do We Really Need To Say It?

In the Instagram post, the Tourons of Yellowstone page poses the question, “Do we really need to say, ‘don’t throw rocks into the Grand Canyon?'” The message brings to mind another incident similar to this one where a visitor to the Grand Canyon area thought it was a good idea to hit golf balls into the famous canyon. She is facing legal repercussions for these very bad choices.

“Another touron throwing rocks into the Grand Canyon,” notes the recent Instagram post. The clip features a very brief event, but the moment is filled with some big-time bad choices. A visitor to the Grand Canyon pulls back while holding onto a large rock…then he launches it into the canyon. The object is clearly gaining speed and momentum as it goes. Creating a situation that could be very dangerous for anyone below.

“Throwing objects over the rim of the canyon is not only illegal but can also endanger hikers and wildlife who may be below,” the Instagram post says.

It’s A “Pretty Simple” Concept – Just Don’t Launch Things Off The Grand Canyon

“It’s pretty simple,” the Instagram caption continues along with the shocking video. “Just common sense.”

Then, the post asks a question these visitors to the popular national park did not ask themselves before launching the massive rock off the side of the canyon. No one below would want to be hit by any object falling from above. Let alone rock the size of a mini boulder.

“Would YOU like to be hit by a big rock while you were down in the canyon minding your own business ⁉️” the post wonders. Based on the hashtags included with the video the clip was sent to park authorities.