WATCH: Mother Hen Bravely Battles Cobra Trying to Snatch Her Babies

by Craig Garrett

A viral video shows a mother hen in a life or death struggle as it protects multiple chicks from a deadly cobra. People raised on farms know how protective chickens can be of their offspring. They’re willing to risk life and wing for each of their babies.

That’s exactly what’s shown in a video shared on the Youtube channel Wild Cobra. This mother chicken fought a king cobra to protect her chicks, even though they were in a pen with enough space to run and hide. However, this type of enclosure is not always snake-proof on farms. This mother hen found out when the snake fell into the hole where the chickens were residing.

In the video, the king cobra is crawling toward the little chicks, but their mother fiercely guards them by keeping them in a corner and warning the snake to stay away. The snake manages to make it across, but the hen does not allow him near her chicks. She carefully transports all of them to safety under her protection and continues attacking the snake with her beak. It appears as if the black hen has escaped safely with her children from the king cobra in the end. The video was uploaded to YouTube and has over 30 million views as of today.

Some viewers think the cobra may be more innocent than portrayed in the video

However, some viewers are questioning the authenticity of the video. While the events shown are clearly real, some suspect the video might be staged. These skeptics note that the cobra seems more concerned with figuring out an escape rather than attacking the chicks. It’s also a little odd that there are ducklings along with the chicks. They also note that not many farmers keep their chickens in a pen that lacks hay, feed, or water. Finally, there’s even some movement behind the camera at one point. This seems to imply that the footage isn’t some sort of surveillance footage. It might be an opportunist wanting to catch a dramatic event for viral views.

Chickens will kill snakes if they feel like the snake is a threat to them or their offspring. This means that if a chicken spots a snake attempting to eat one of her eggs or chicks, she will attack the snake and try to kill it before the snake can get to any other members of the flock. Chickens usually peck snakes to death when they’re hunting them down. Smaller snakes know this and try not enter into an area where there are chickens because they know that as soon as they’re spotted, the chickens will come after them.

Snakes that dwarf hens or roosters in size will be much more bold, because these snakes know full well their comparative size and strength. In this event, chickens may be unable to cause enough damage to kill a large snake.