WATCH: Motorcycle Rider Cruises Through Mountains While Popping Wheelie in Wild Video

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

A fearless motorcyclist is bringing excitement to Instagram fans as the rider pops a wild wheelie while flying through the Colorado mountains. Fearlessly riding on the winding road on one wheel. Even glancing back at the camera every so often.

The jaw-dropping video features the motorcyclist as they ride the machine as if it were a scooter – and not the massive motorcycle it really is. And…as if this mind-blowing motorcycle wheelie wasn’t as cool as cool as it can get, the soundtrack takes the video to a whole new level! The fearless biker zooms down the mountain road on one wheel all while Danzig’s Mother plays over the clip.

Motorcycle Rider Cruises Past The Gorgeous Mountain Scenery While Popping A Wild Wheelie

In the recent Instagram post, the motorcyclist is holding onto the bike as the vehicle drives on one wheel. The front of the vehicle points straight up towards the sky.

It’s extra mind-blowing to watch as the motorcyclist seems to be thinking this speeding bike is a skateboard, dropping their foot from time to time onto the pavement. All while Danzig captures the entire mood playing over the wild video.

“Colorado is a beautiful place,” the caption alongside the Instagram post reads. The post then includes a few emojis including the hands-up emoji, an evergreen tree, and a mountain scenery.

The rider seamlessly handles the curve before hopping onto the bike with both feet. Even as traffic passes by on the other side. And, if you think this is a brief stunt…think again! As the whole clip unfolds we see this motorcycle rider isn’t planning on ending the wild wheelie and taking off on two wheels anytime soon!

Police Dash Cam Captures Dare-Devil Motorcyclist Performing 100 MPH Wheelie

A 51-year-old motorcyclist is in a lot of hot water for a crazy motorcycle stunt. This comes as the man, Lee Embleton is captured on a policeman’s dashcam popping a wheelie at 100 mph. Per Fox News, the speed was determined after the event using forensic techniques while directing the dashcam footage.

Embleton was pulled over by authorities once he ran into areas with heavier traffic. A move, officers note that is very dangerous for all drivers in the area. According to reports, wheelies aren’t necessarily illegal in the U.K. where the event occurred. However, this stunt qualified as dangerous driving.

“Not only did he put his own life in danger on the afternoon in question, but also every other road user,” notes an official of the event.

“His actions could easily have had fatal consequences and I sincerely hope he realizes the severity of his actions,” the statement continues of Embleton. “I would like to thank our fantastic collision investigation unit who were able to dissect the footage and calculate Embleton’s speed – which was clearly above the legal limit and against the law.”