WATCH: Motorcyclist Miraculously Unharmed Following Wreck With Deer on Blue Ridge Parkway

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Julian Stratenschulte/picture alliance via Getty Images)

It’s that time of year when deer are in rut moving all over the place. Sometimes these woodland animals run into roadways creating disastrous accidents. One point-of-view clip shares the moment a motorcyclist miraculously escapes unharmed after an incident like this. The jaw-dropping clip shows the moment a running deer jumps right in front of the vehicle, which was speeding along the roadway at 54 miles per hour.

Hitting an animal while driving in a forested area can be a very dangerous situation. This scenario is even more dangerous when one is riding on a motorcycle. However, one motorist faced a miracle escaping unharmed after colliding with a deer. The driver caught the wild moment on tape as the Yamaha motorcycle was speeding down a roadway at 54 miles per hour.

The video which has been uploaded to YouTube is filmed from the driver’s point of view as they ride the Yamaha FJR 1300 bike along Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway. A few seconds in we see a flash of a deer.

It all happens so fast it’s barely detectable. The bike hits the deer, shaking the camera as the two collide. Fortunately, the motorcycle rider escaped the collision with no serious injuries. Just a few minor scratches. The bike, however, didn’t come out of the accident unscathed … but it could have been so much worse. The video doesn’t share how the deer faired in the impact.

The Deer Appeared In A Flash, Giving The Driver No Time To React

In the unbelievable footage, we see that the deer shows up so quickly that it’s virtually impossible for the driver to avoid the animal. Chances are, the rider didn’t even see the animal prior to making an impact, which cracked the bike’s windscreen and mirror.

A slow-motion playback of the clip helps us spot the moment the deer appears. And, with an average reaction time of at least a second, there was zero time for the driver to react and avoid the animal. However, the Yamaha did a wonderful job cushioning the impact and staying upright. The driver could have faced major injuries had it crashed to the ground.

These types of accidents are very common, especially this time of year. The most effective way to safely avoid and prevent collisions with a running deer is to maintain the lowest allowable speed limit.