WATCH: Mountain Biker Gets Absolutely Flattened by Reindeer

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Danial Milchev/Getty Images)

A mountain biker got absolutely wrecked by a reindeer while biking at break-neck speeds recently, but thankfully he’s on the mend. German downhill racer Jannick Lange experienced every biker’s worst nightmare while flying down a hill this week. In Lange’s GoPro video, a reindeer comes out of nowhere and plows right into him, knocking him off his bike and nearly into a steep ravine. The story is eerily similar to this time a dirt biker ran smack dab into a black bear on a trail.

“Lost the fight with Rudolph, lost quite a bit of blood and lost consciousness a few minutes later,” Lange wrote on his Instagram page, where he posted the video. He was racing down a single trail at Lac Blanc Bike Park in Alsace, France when the huge animal burst from the bushes.

One commenter posted on his Instagram asking if Lange was okay. He replied, “[I’m] mostly fine, I just can’t really use my arms right now. Shoulders are bruised and partially perforated.”

He’s lucky he didn’t get stabbed by those huge antlers or fall down the ravine. We’re definitely wishing Lange a speedy recovery, and hope he’s back out on the trails soon.

Mountain Biker Injured by Huge Reindeer, While Moose Charge After Frantic Biker in Alaska

A recent video shows just what happens when you mess with a moose, even if you didn’t mean to. In the video, a bike rider frantically pedals away from a female moose and what looks to be her calf. The biker passes under a bridge and turns around for a moment. The two moose are hot on their trail in what looks like something out of an Alaskan horror movie. At the end of the video, the calf starts to speed up. This prompts the cyclist to turn off the camera and book it to safety. Hopefully, they made it, as there’s no follow-up.

The video was originally posted on Reddit, and a lot of the commenters definitely understood the severity of the situation. Moose are humongous, and in Alaska, they attack more often than bears do. Not to say that moose go around attacking unprovoked. But, they can get up to 7 feet tall and weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds. Definitely not something to mess with. Luckily, they’re pretty easy to avoid in most situations.

Unfortunately, even if this cyclist was minding their own business, which they probably were, it’s possible they just rode too close to a mother and her calf. The female would see that as a threat. Then, charging is the next course of action for a moose who feels threatened. If you live in an area with a large moose population, it’s best to keep an eye on your surroundings at all times if you’re out walking, cycling, or doing anything in the woods.

“Many charges are ‘bluff’ charges, warning you to stay back and keep your distance,” says the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. “However, you need to take them seriously.”