WATCH: Mountain Climber Fights Off Bear With His Bare Hands in Absolutely Terrifying Footage

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

A new viral video captures the moment a climber comes face to face with an attacking black bear and fends it off with his bare hands—no pun intended. The footage, which you can see below, shows the angry bear returning multiple times to face the climber but, eventually, gives up and makes its way down the cliffside.

The first seconds of the video see the black bear rapidly making its way down the cliffside as the climber works to make their way up. Coming face to face with the large furry beast before it skillfully races past him, the man starts to scream and wave his arms, a common way to deter black bears from approaching. However, the animal comes back multiple times and we watch as the climber pounds the beast on its snout with a closed fist and kicks at it when it comes back a second and third time.

Similarly, we can tell the bear is also distressed as we can actually hear it moaning and grunting, even making whining sounds comparable to a dog’s. In the end, both the bear and climber made it out of the situation the worse for wear. However, it was certainly a scary incident nonetheless.

Viewers, flocking to the comments, claimed the bruin was an adolescent and that had the climber encountered a full-grown black bear, things could have ended much worse.

“It was a cub,” one person claimed, “and it was probably just as much curious and confused as it was aggressive. No chance this works against an adult bear or one that feels legitimate threatened by you.”

Reports State the Bear in the Video Was Actually Protecting a Cub

While viewers on social media claimed the bear in the video appeared to be a cub, reports state that it had actually been a mother bear attempting to protect its cub.

In reality, grown female black bears typically don’t surpass more than 200 pounds or so in weight. So it makes sense why some people watching the video believed the small bear to be a cub. Still, TMZ reports that about 30 seconds after the mother bear’s final approach, she ran off with her cub in tow. Per the outlet, the scary encounter took place earlier this month at Mt. Futago in Japan.

Later, once he was safely on the ground, the climber admitted that he had been the one invading the mama bear’s territory. And so while the encounter was certainly terrifying, the climber took ownership and understood that there was always going to be a chance of coming face to face with one of nature’s larger predators.

Fortunately for the climber, he further shared that he is knowledgeable in karate and mixed martial arts. And because he was physically able to handle himself, all while on the side of a mountain, it may just have kept him safe from serious harm.