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WATCH: Mountain Lion Pulls Border Collie From Home, Dog Somehow Survives

by Sean Griffin
Photo credit: Wally Skalij, Los Angeles Times

This mountain lion snuck into a home and pulled a border collie from the kitchen in front of its owner and two other dogs. The shocking incident took place in Sonoma County, California.

Rebecca Kracker shared the video footage of the horrifying event on Facebook last week. Her dog, Sherman, was dragged by its neck out of the house.

The woman had left her sliding glass door open on November 28. She said she was playing with two of her other dogs in another room when she heard Sherman suddenly yelp and growl. 

She hopped up, thinking that her dog had fallen off of something and gotten hurt. However, she entered the room to soon learn “the horrible truth of the matter,” as she wrote in her post.

The woman said her dog was moving strangely, “like he was convulsing.” Then, she saw the mountain lion dragging Sherman out of the house, where he remained on the ground, not moving.

Kracker first had to protect herself, so she quickly closed her sliding door to prevent the lion from reentering.

In her post, Kracker said she then called her neighbors to alert them to the scene. She began filming at the suggestion of family members.

Neighbor Fires Shot at Mountain Lion, Scares It Off

“That’s my dog, just laying on the ground. It was just pulled out of the house by that f**king mountain lion,” she says in the clip, clearly agitated and scared.

The mountain lion seems to watch Kracker menacingly as she films him. It also gazes down to the dog located at its feet.

Kracker’s other dogs bark in the background during the recording.

Soon, a neighbor arrived and fired a shot at the mountain lion. It missed the lion, but the loud noise caused the predator to run off. However, both Kracker and her neighbor were thankful that the sound of the shot made Sherman jump to his feet, too, meaning he wasn’t too injured.

Kracker and her neighbor were “stunned,” she said.

“Miraculously he was not wounded except for a small wound on his lip,” Kracker said. “He was shocky and barely responsive for several hours, but every time I checked on him, he would wag his tail to let me know he was okay.”

One neighbor who spoke with KRON told the publication that Kracker “thought it [Sherman] was a goner for sure.”

Kracker then called animal control officials. However, they responded that they couldn’t do anything since the animal wasn’t actively in the process of harming her dog.

This response came after Kracker had previously brought her animals inside. A few days before, a buck had been killed, and many speculated the mountain lion.

‘I never thought the mountain lion would be bold enough to enter my home to take my 70 lb border collie,’ Kracker said.