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WATCH: Mountain Lion Scream Absolutely Terrifies Police Officer

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Sure, we know that mountain lions can let out fierce roars. They can even channel some hardcore growls as an apex predator. But, did you know these wild animals can also let out a bone-chilling scream? Well, one officer learned this firsthand and we see his reaction to the horrifying sound in a chilling clip shared on the Outsider Twitter page.

The Officer “Nope’s” His Way Right Out Of The Area

As the video begins, we see a video of the officer as he walks toward a fenced-in area in the dark. He is looking around the area, sweeping his flashlight as he goes. All of a sudden, the officer jumps and starts to turn around. In an instant, we hear what it is that startled him…the horrifying scream of a mountain lion.

“This cop said NOPE the second heard that mountain lion,” quips the Outsider Twitter page. And the officer speed-walked straight out of there, too. Without looking back even once.

California Woman Is in “A Trance” As She Comes Face-to-Face With A Mountain Lion

This mountain lion sent the officer running with its terrifying scream. However, a fierce mountain lion doesn’t even need to make a sound to leave a lasting impact during an encounter. And one California woman recounts the moment when she found herself looking at one of the massive predators locked in a sort of staring contest.

“I felt like there was somebody else out there besides my dog,” recalls Holly Hiner said of the encounter.

“But my neighbor’s cat is always following me around,” she continues. “So I thought, ‘Oh, it’s probably just James.’”

Hiner recounts how she was walking with her 14-year-old dog, Bear who is an Australian shepherd. This is when she came face to face with the frightening feline.

“I’m not even probably three, four feet from the fence,” Hiner explains. “I turn and there [the mountain lion] is, just staring at me.”

Then, Hiner adds, she was “mesmerized” by the mountain lion. She remembers how she felt like she “was in a trance.”

Hiner remembers how the mountain lion showed the most interest in Bear. She remembers how the wild animal was looking at the Australian shepherd curiously “like a housecat would.”

Thankfully, however, Hiner snapped out of the trance and began jumping up and down, waving her arms and making noises in an effort to scare the mountain lion away. She adds that this wasn’t the first time a visitor like this popped up in the neighborhood which sits near the Perfumo Canyon and Irish Hills Natural Preserve. Some other common animal sightings include deer, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, and turkeys.