WATCH: Mountain Lion Tries to Join Children’s Football Tournament in California

by Jonathan Howard

In California, many communities have to keep their eyes peeled for mountain lions that may be lurking about. They can be dangerous. A recent outdoors video shows one mountain lion attempting to intervene in a kid’s football tournament. Not a fun situation at all.

Whenever a predator like this makes its way into a community, local wildlife officials will decide whether or not it is a threat to people and animals. This seems like a situation where danger is imminent. So, as you will see in the video, officials acted quickly.

Getting the animal tranquilized is the top priority, if possible. If it becomes too aggressive then deadly force may be used. The mountain lion looks like it is pawing at a gate or a fence and looking for trouble.

Check out the video below.

This went down on August 20th and the video has been making the rounds online. When wildlife officials warn about mountain lions, it isn’t just pets and farm animals that you have to look out for. Small children and of course, any person could be hurt by one of these beasts.

It looks like it was a situation that might end up turning bad. However, it seems that the big cat showed up before the game and before most spectators would have shown up. There wasn’t much of a panic and those with the proper means made sure that it was taken care of.

In California, there is actually a very interesting debate going on about mountain lions and law enforcement responding to scenes where these animals are present. The Oakland Zoo has brought up the issues.

Oakland Zoo Stands Up for Mountain Lion Shot by Law Enforcement

According to the veterinarians at the Oakland Zoo, local police officers responding to wildlife emergencies has gone too far. The most recent case was a mountain lion that was shot by police during an exercise where police worked with wildlife officers to tranquilize the animal. Police say it lunged at an officer and so they fired upon it.

The animal was taken to the zoo for treatment. However, it was not able to survive. This is the 20th mountain lion to die in their care after a human-related conflict. The zoo called out the police on social media. When they were asked to clarify their statements, they even doubled down.

It is illegal to hunt mountain lions. However, if it is a matter of safety, then killing one is permitted in self-defense. Of course, officials would like to remove these animals and put them in a better situation where they won’t be a threat to people or domesticated animals. That isn’t always the outcome, though.