WATCH: Mudslide Pours Down California Hillside, Completely Covers Streets

by Megan Molseed

Southern California residents are battling dangerous mudslides after heavy rains plagued the area. The devastating slides are prompting major evacuations in some areas. Other areas are under shelter-in-place orders.

The rains that unleashed the mudslides are residual effects of a tropical storm raging just off the coast. One area saw massive structural damage. One commercial building hit by the destructive events led to a level of mud that collapsed the roof.

The areas most heavily affected by the aftermath of the unrelenting rains and the mudslides include much of San Bernardino county, including the city of Yucaipa and Forest Falls. A portion of the San Bernardino National Park sits in the city of Yucaipa. This area sits about 70 miles east of Los Angeles.

Footage Of The Devastating Mudslides Share The Chaos Area Residents Were Facing

After area officials issued an evacuation order, one witness was able to capture video a pics of the shocking event. The footage shares how fast the massive wall of mud covers the road, just a few feet away. The flowing mud slides past

The flowing mud slides past the Oak Glen Steak House and a man standing near the devastating slide is seen running away from the cascading mud as it continues to flow onto the road.

The Destructive Slides Surge Across The Road Causing Destruction As It Goes

The witness who captured the video later tweeted about the terrifying mudslide. Noting that he recorded the footage as he was on his way to pick his children up from school.

“I was going down to potato Canyon to pick up my kids from school,” the tweet reads.

“And in front of me was something that looks like a lava flow so I got out to take a closer look,” the witness recounts.

“And I realized it was mud,” he continues “And then this happened.”

The jaw-dropping video shows that the mud cascaded down onto the area in at least three surges. Each surge is more devastating than the next. As the video comes to an end, we can hear metal banging as the mud hits objects such as a large dumpster during the slide. As the man in the video runs away we hear him shouting “hey! Get out of here!”

This is the same area where residents suffered major wildfires in 2020. The origin of the fires was a couple’s gender reveal party. These devastating wildfires destroyed over 22,000 acres across the area. Officials believe that these mudslides are the result of heavy rains falling on the areas left barren after the devastating fires.