WATCH: Nimble Bear Scales Tree Branch to Snatch Bird Feeder, Lands Hilariously Perfect Dismount

by Alex Falls

Bears are some of the most determined animals in the world. When it comes to finding food, few things can get in the way of a hungry bear.

While on one hand, this can make them very dangerous. You definitely don’t want to leave any food out if you’re camping in an area with animal activity. That’s the reason people need special trash cans and creative techniques to keep your campsite or even your home safe from a hungry bear.

But even then, some of them are crafty enough to work around the obstacles humans give them. Some are even athletic enough to scale trees and seemingly perform gymnastics to get their hands on a bite to eat.

One such bear was captured on video this month performing some impressive climbing skills to get its claws on a bird feeder. The stunning video shows it discovering the elusive snack. It slowly makes its way up the tree trunk and then gracefully hangs on the branch to bring the whole thing down feeder and all.

The person behind the camera recounted the moments before capturing the impressive video. “I woke up early Sunday morning to enjoy the view when I looked up on the hillside and saw a brown fuzzy animal making some commotion. I chuckled to myself, thinking ‘That is a really fat deer!’ – when all of a sudden it stood up, and it was a bear!”

They continued, “I ran inside to wake up my husband and kids so they could see it. When we came back out to the porch (leaving the cabin door open in case we need to make a quick escape), the bear started to crawl down the hill towards the cabin with two cute little cubs following right behind her.”

Another Bear in the Viral World This Week

Another bear went viral this week for a potentially even cuter display. The hilarious video shows a family of bears coming across some slow traffic. A tourist motioned for one of the young ones to come closer. Perhaps an ill-advised move inviting a bear to come closer. But this cub was friendlier than your average bear.

The man extended his hand out the window. Instead of it grabbing on, it clumsily stood up on its hind legs and went in for a high five.

The interaction could have gone very differently. As seen earlier, bears are usually quick at the opportunity for a snack. But luckily this bear was content enough with just a friendly interaction. If you ever come across a bear in the wild, be smart and don’t approach it.