WATCH: Nyala Buck Devoured by Lurking Crocodile After Escaping Pack of Wild Dogs and Hippo

by Amy Myers

Poor nyala buck. Even after evading not one, but two predator species, this persistent prey met its demise in the jaws of a crocodile.

The intense face-off between the buck, crocodile, hippo and pack of wild dogs occurred at none other than Kruger National Park in South Africa, otherwise known as one of the most brutal parks in the world. But with so many skilled predators competing for the same meals, they’re bound to but heads every once in a while.

In this case, it appears that a pack of wild dogs was first to the draw when an unsuspecting nyala crossed paths with them. Just like that, the hunt was on, and the buck tried its hardest to ward away the hungry canines until it found itself at the water’s edge, where an opportunistic hippo took its chance and charged.

Already outnumbered, the buck still refused to give in. It whipped around and gave the aquatic opponent a jab under the jaw, sending it back into the water.

Unfortunately, it just wasn’t this nyala’s day. Just as it gained ground against the hippo, two more yipping wild dogs joined the effort, ready to pounce. Still, the buck manages to keep its pursuers at bay… that is until the crocodile joined the fight.

Crocodile Steals Prey Right out From Under Noses of Hippo and Dogs

You have to give credit to the crocodile. Not only did it fly under the radar of the nyala, but it also managed to outwit its competitors, taking advantage of the fact that the dogs and hippo occupied all of the buck’s attention. Once the moment was right, the croc snatched the prey and began to death roll, sealing the brave buck’s fate.

Behind the gruesome yet incredible video was field guide Wayne Myburgh who at the time was on a safari in Kruger National Park. Regarding the encounter, Myburgh said it was one of the most remarkable in his 13 years guiding safaris in the bush.

“It was a usual morning drive and we heard that wild dogs had just chased a nyala bull into Quelea Dam,” Myburgh explained to “Knowing about the presence of a crocodile and about 12 hippos that live there, we knew it could get interesting and made our way there.”

Fellow Kruger National Park Croc Tries to Steal Lion Pride’s Kill

This isn’t the only Kruger crocodile video to make headlines recently. In another submission to Latest Sightings, a safari guest caught sight of a female and cub lion pride fighting off a croc to keep their kill.

Prior to the clip, the pride had successfully killed a waterbuck and had finished picking at the remains. However, when a crocodile tried to get in on the scraps, the pride quickly lept back into action.

Despite the crocodile’s ferocious jaw-snapping and hissing, the lionesses chased the reptile back into the water and away from their food. If the croc could, it probably would have tucked its tail as it fled.