WATCH: Obese Black Bear Wanders Past Minnesota Trail Cam

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The Voyageurs Wolf Project captured a bewilderingly large black bear in Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota back in October.

And when we say this bear is a large bear, we mean large.

The huge black bear can be seen meandering past the camera with its stomach nearly dragging along the ground. The ten-second clip captures the sheer magnitude of the animal. We can assure you that this beast is the last predator you’d want to encounter alone on a trail. Moreover, most black bears are eating as much as they can now before going into a months-long hibernation.

You can watch the clip of the massive animal here.

“This might be THE fattest bear we have ever seen in our area! How much do you think this porker weighs?!” the account wrote in their post’s caption. “Unfortunately, we only got one video of this beauty but it is enough to appreciate the bear’s curves and figure…it worked hard for that body!”

Plenty of Facebook users reacted to the size of the bear in the comment section. Some were amazed at the size of the bear, taking an awe-inspired approach, while others seemed more concerned for the bear’s health.

“That is amazing! Fattest bear I’ve ever seen! What a fun find!” one user wrote.

However, another user feared for the mammal’s health. “Is he ok? Are they supposed to get this big????” one concerned user asked.

“Wow, he is going to have a great winters sleep!” another user commented, referencing the upcoming hibernation period.

People React to Massive Black Bear Sighting

Other users suggested that the bear was a pregnant mama bear, which seems very plausible considering the size of the bear’s stomach.

Most experts regard the American black bear as a “least-concern species” because it has a wide population and distribution. Its’ population is thought to be twice of all other bear species put together. Alongside the brown bear, it remains one of only two bear species not considered globally threatened by extinction by the IUCN.

Many wildlife experts believe that New Jersey contains the densest black bear population in the country. However, the state has been shaken up by a recent tragedy involving these bears.

A 22-year-old man from Ringwood, New Jersey was recently charged with the senseless killing of four black bear cubs, according to police.

Police charged Matthew Ligus on Tuesday. He received multiple hunting and firearms violations, according to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

Ligus was charged with hunting with a firearm without a firearm license. He received another charge of hunting with an illegal weapon. Ligus also faces charges of hunting during the closed season, using illegal ammunition, and a careless discharge. Lastly, he also faced an additional charge of hunting within 450 feet of an occupied dwelling.