WATCH: Oregon Couple’s TikTok Goes Viral After Using Gerbils to Recreate ’80s-Themed Videos

by Megan Molseed

One Oregon couple is exploring a creative side creating some loveably wholesome 80s-themed TikTok videos featuring gerbils remembering those good ole days! It’s a series of clips that is no doubt “positive and uplifting” in a world full of social media content.

The TikTok clip titled the Blockbuster Bella Show consist of a gerbil who loves to live in the 1980s flashbacks. From trips to Blockbuster Video to dial-up internet, or even sessions on AOL, Bella is a gerbil we love to watch headed back to the days gone by. She even loves taking a moment to dance to 80s favorite songs … or screen the Matthew Broderick 1986 classic film, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

One Oregon Couple Focuses On Creating “Positive” Content With Viral TikTok Gerbil Videos

The creative couple, Kyle and Marylou Bryant create these wholesome themed videos to bring more “positive” content to the internet. The TikTok videos follow an upbeat gerbil named Bella who loves all things from the 1980s to the 1990s. From trips to Blockbuster Video, to dial-up internet or the snacks from the era, Bella remembers it all.

According to a Fox News report, the creative couple found inspiration from their own children’s memories of growing up in the era. You know, those nights running to blockbuster for a fun flick such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Or even a trip to the home-video snack counter.

Bella Is Portrayed By Two Gerbils, Ginger And Charlotte

Portraying Bella in the TikTok account that has now amassed a following of around 13,000 fans are Kyle and Marylou’s pets Ginger and Charlotte. Quite an impressive following since the pilot episode hit the popular social media platform just last weekend!

In addition to Ginger and Charlotte’s portrayal of Bella who remembers some favorite 80s memories, Kyle and Marylou worked tirelessly to build amazingly elaborate sets. Bella can be seen with a perfectly 80s boom box, and a vinyl record player. Bella even has a poster of 1980s heartthrob, Michael J. Fox.

The Blockbuster video set took the couple about 80 hours to build. The throwback video store set is full of mini cassettes of some of the era’s most popular films. It took the couple around 40 hours to complete Bella’s home. Then it took the creative couple around 15 hours to complete Bella’s script.

“For the most part, I film what she does,” Kyle says of filming Ginger and/or Charlotte during each take.

“And then I’ll put that through a little bit of movie magic,” he explains. “A little creative editing, to make it so that it fits the storyline.”

Kyle adds that he and Marylou feel that “there’s a community that wants to have something like this.” The goal, he adds is to create a “positive show.”