WATCH: Osprey Dives and Snatches Koi Fish From Backyard Fish Pond

by Taylor Cunningham
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A New York couple’s backyard pond became local osprey’s favorite hunting spot after they filled it with beautiful koi fish this summer.

Whitestown residents Dave and Dana Olney never considered that ospreys would be a threat when they stocked the water with dozens of expensive fish. While they live several miles from Adirondack Park, they told WIBX 950 that they know that the birds would travel that far, especially into the highly-populated suburbs.

According to wildlife experts, the once-threatened bird of prey was an uncommon sight away from large waterways in years past. But the species has recently rebounded. And now, there are so many that people can spot them anywhere in Northern New York that has water—even backyards with small, decorative ponds.

However, the Olneys may never have realized that an osprey was living in their backyard had they not placed cameras around their property. Two that faced their water feature caught the bird, with an impressive 4-ft wingspan, in action. And the couple sent the footage to the radio station to post on YouTube.

New York Couple Records Osprey Feasting on their Decorative Koi

In the video, we can see the massive bird attempting to swoop into the pond and grab koi several times. The first attack almost ends in failure because the fish is nearly too large to contain. However, the osprey manages to keep its prey and fly away.

However, a second attack didn’t end as successfully. As several angels show, the same osprey returned for another meal. But after picking up a fish, it tried to fly away and it drops on the patio below. The bird decides it isn’t worth the struggle and flies away.

After the failed flight, the osprey figures out how to successfully capture fish from the pond and easily makes away with a catch upon its return. And as the video shows, it comes back a few more times and makes off with multiple fish.

Unsurprisingly, koi, which are native to Asia, are not part of the bird’s diet. However, as the video proves, it quickly grew fond of the delicacy.

Luckily, the couple quickly figured out where all of their fish were going. And once they did, they covered the water with protective netting to stave off any future attacks. They haven’t had any issues with osprey since doing so.

And as for the fish that survived the sharp clutches, the couple noticed it flopping on their patio before it died. And they returned it to the water, where it still lives today.