WATCH: Owl Claws Unsuspecting Hiker’s Head in Wild Video

by Megan Molseed

It’s important to keep a heads-up while hiking. Taking care to watch out and keep an eye on our surroundings. Making sure we don’t impede on a wild animal’s own home. But sometimes it’s hard to even know when you’re overstepping boundaries in the wild. And the wildlife often has zero issues letting you know when you do, though!

This is exactly what one hiker learned the hard way recently. This lesson came as a barred owl made it very clear that a hiker was not welcome in its space. Clawing at the hiker’s head to get the unwelcome visitor to leave the area.

The Wild Insta Post Shows An Unrelenting Owl Showing A Hiker The Way Out With A Painful Ambush

The owl is determined to get its point across. It clearly does so, too as we can see in the recent Insta post shared by Nature Is Metal. It’s a very brief clip, as the owl briefly clamps down on the hiker’s head. But the shout at the end tells us that this attack was just as painful as we would think it to be.

“The locals are incensed by your presence,” notes the Nature Is Metal Instagram page.

“[This] intrusion will not be tolerated,” the post continues. And it’s clear that Nature Is Metal has likely summed up the owl’s message. Just one glimpse at the brief video tells us the barred owl was not playing around.

This Barred Owl Is Sending A Message – And It’s Crystal Clear

The Instagram message continues on, noting that a barred owl has absolutely no qualms about letting an unwelcome visitor know that it is time to leave. In fact, most raptors are prone to reactions such as this.

“The message here is crystal clear,” the Nature Is Metal Instagram post clarifies.

“you are close to a barred owl nest,” the caption continues. “and they will do what they must to make you leave.”

The caption posted along with the wild video notes that it’s not uncommon for raptors such as the barred owl to be openly territorial. However, these owls are on extra high alert when they have little nestlings resting in their nests. And they are ready to fight as hard as they can to keep the baby owls as safe as can be.

“The parents are the only thing standing in the way of their children becoming nutrients for something else,” the caption explains. “so defcon 1 is the only way to live.”