WATCH: Pack of Hunting Dogs Take Down Feral Pig in Gruesome Pursuit

by Sean Griffin

A clip first shared to TikTok has circulated social media and caused a fierce debate. In the video, a group of hunting dogs take down a feral pig in a gruesome pursuit of the creature. The pig squeals helplessly for its life as the dogs close in.

The hunting video was recorded in New Zealand, where there are no restrictions on hunting feral pigs. However, as Nature World News reports, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Animals (RSPCA) took issue with the video. They stated that “the hunting of pigs with dogs is inherently cruel and unnecessary.” They went on to mention how the hunters use the dogs to hold the pig by the ears while the hunter stabs it.

However, people used to boar hunting don’t see any issue with the method. Feral pig hunting by use of dogs is common in New Zealand, according to the New Zealand Department of Conservation.

The Department of Conservation’s website states that pigs should be killed as humanely and quickly as possible. However, users on social media point out that the pig appears to be in distress in the clip while the dogs attack it.

Animal welfare organization SAFE spokesperson Will Appelbe said in a statement that using dogs to hunt feral pigs should not be acceptable. He said that people should be “well past scaring and torturing animals for fun.”

What do you think about the debate? Watch the video clip and decide for yourself!

Fierce Debate Rages Online Over Dog Use in Feral Pig Hunting

Spokesperson Appelbe maintains that dogs should not be used in pig hunting. He says it is cruel to the pig and dangerous to the dogs. His group currently works to have the video taken down from social media platforms.

Moreover, on the website of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Animals, the group maintains that “chased pigs will experience fear, panic and distress, and for those that are killed by sticking, death will be painful and prolonged.”

The organization deems stabbing as “inhumane” and prefers the animals to be shot while hunted. They claim stabbing results in more suffering as the animal doesn’t lose consciousness as quickly.

However, many commenters on the YouTube video didn’t seem to mind. “Nice dogs,” one user wrote. “Come hunt with me when you’re back these ways next time,” another said.

Back in the United States, feral pigs cause a problem, as well. In Texas, Fort Bend County dealt with a group of wild hogs recently. In December, several decided to plow through a neighborhood in the middle of the night. A man caught the footage of the herd galloping through.

It’s definitely rare to see them in a densely populated area like a neighborhood, and especially as many as there were.

“I was thinking to see two, three or four … not 25 or 30,” Glen Garner said, a resident of the area, per KHOU 11.