WATCH: Paddleboarder Gets Caught Between a Hungry Tiger Shark and a Sea Turtle in Intense Video

by Megan Molseed

We all know that nature and the outdoors can be just as frightening as it is wondrously stunning. And as one viral video shows, both of these can occur at once. The stunning Instagram clip gives us a glimpse from a paddleboarder’s point of view looking into the water below. As the intense clip begins, we see a large tiger shark as it lurks just below the paddleboard. Then, on the other side is a sea turtle that doesn’t lack in size either.

The video is intense all on its own. However, the music overlay adds a deeper level of intensity as we see the tiger shark and turtle get closer and closer. Again, nature is wondrously stunning. But it can also be frighteningly dangerous.

It’s An Intense Match-Up Between Sea Turtle And Tiger Shark…And A Paddleboarder Is Smack-Dab In the Middle!

As the clip continues, we hear the paddleboarder react as the sea turtle and tiger shark come head to head. And, initially, the video makes it look like the tiger shark has won this match-up. However, soon, the sea turtle rebounds. Frantically trying to swim out of the shark’s sight.

“Wrong place, wrong time,” the Instagram post relates alongside the intense wildlife clip.

“This paddleboarder found himself stuck between a sea turtle and a hungry tiger shark,” the post continues. “The results speak for themselves.”

Being In The Middle Of This Battle Is NOT A Safe Spot For The Paddleboarder

As the clip continues we see the tiger shark as it manages to get the sea turtle inside of its jaws. As the sea turtle struggles, both animals move and battle it out in the water. Eventually moving directly underneath the paddleboarder. It’s a frightening moment as there is very little separating the person filming the shocking event and the wild animals below.

Then, the sea turtle is able to break free, swimming away from the shark. As the turtle scrambles, the paddleboarder notes that the hungry tiger shark is on one side, while the sea turtle is on the other. And, the shark isn’t about to give up on the turtle it seems….putting the paddleboarder in a very precarious situation.

The Viral Insta Clip Gives Viewers A Heart-Pounding Look At A Very Dangerous Scenario

As the massive shark continues to pursue the sea turtle things get even more intense. We can hear the paddleboarder in the footage worry about this precarious position that they are in. After all, a tiger shark is one of the deadliest sharks known to man. Suddenly, the shark comes out of the water, biting the paddleboard. All we see is a glimpse of the underwater before the heart-pounding video comes to an end.

Thankfully, the original video of this encounter includes an answer to the question we were all wondering…does the man survive? After the footage shows the bottom of the sea floor the paddleboarder is able to retrieve the phone, emerging safely from the water.

“A humbling reminder for myself that it’s their ocean and I’m just a visitor!” the paddleboarder includes in the post. “I love sharks and this little accident was not the big fella’s fault.”