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WATCH: Parents Have Kids Pose for Photo Way Too Close to Alligator

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: BirdImages

We have a new nominee for the parent of the year award after a video surfaced showing a parent posing their children for a photo op directly next to an alligator.

In the now-viral TikTok, viewers watch in horror as a tourist gathers her children to stand in front of the looming alligator, as it stands menacingly with its mouth wide open.

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TikTok users go after parent for posing kids in front of alligator

After the clip was uploaded, people ran to the comments section to rip apart the parent for their poor choices. “Literally takes .1 seconds for one of them to be lunch for that alligator,” one horrified user wrote. In addition, someone added, “at least they have helmets on,” referencing the bicycle helmets the children were wearing, yet putting their lives at risk next to the looming reptile.

The mom should thank her lucky stars the situation didn’t escalate like one similar incident. Recently in Costa Rica, an eight-year-old boy lost his life after a crocodile attacked him and, sadly, mauled him to death. To make matters worse, the family witnessed the entire tragedy play out.

The alligator attacked the young victim, Julio Otero Fernández, who dragged him into the river on October 30.

Then, nearly one month after the gruesome tragedy, an anonymous hunter located the crocodile,

Family watches in horror as crocodile attacks little boy

Then on Saturday, nearly a month after the child’s gruesome death, an unidentified hunter reportedly shot and killed the villainous crocodile. When people cut open the creature’s belly, they found strands of hair and bone fragments believed to belong to the victim.

Unfortunately, the little boy died on a fishing trip with his parents, four siblings, and other relatives. The horrifying incident occurred around 2 p.m. as he was standing in waist-deep water when the animal attacked him.

“It shook him (the child) and ripped off his little head,” a witness said about the brutal attack. “Then it grabbed him again and dragged him under.”

His parents, Don Julio Otero and Margini Fernández Flores, panicked as they watched their son get ravaged by the reptile. “The hardest thing for my wife was seeing the crocodile float away with my son’s body,” Otero said.

In addition, his dad said that the croc came up from the water more than an hour later, carrying his child’s body in its giant jaws. Police officers on the scene also refused to shoot the animal, alleging they did not have the “authority” to do so.

“For my part, I feel abandoned by the authorities,” the grief-stricken father said at the time. “An animal is worth more than a human being. That’s what I’ve felt.”

The family moved to Costa Rica from Nicaragua four years ago to work on a banana plantation.