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WATCH: Pennsylvania Deer Launches Itself Through Restaurant Window

by Sean Griffin
NBC NEWS -- Two Harbors, Michigan -- Pictured: A deer on the first day of Winter 2008 in Two Harbors, Michigan on December 21, 2008 -- Photo by: Stephanie Himango/NBC NewsWire

This deer must’ve wanted some take-out.

In this viral video clip, a deer in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania decided to jump through the glass window of Blue and Gray Bar & Grill around 8:45 a.m. on Monday. Talk about a hard-hitting Monday morning surprise.

According to restaurant owner Keith Petters, several employees were inside the building at the time of the incident. These workers called 911, and officers were able to locate and neutralize the animal.

A group of local authorities consisting of police, a game warden, and National Park Service officials loaded up the deer into a pickup truck. They later released the deer onto a farm.

Apparently, there was no other damage done to the restaurant by the deer other than the shattered window. The restaurant was even able to open up on time at 11:00 a.m.

In the video footage, the deer bursts through the glass in the unopened restaurant. Shards of glass explode onto the floor as the animal collides with a group of tables. It tries to get up, scampering and sliding across the slick floor. The clip ends there.

These Deer in Alabama and Wisconsin Have Similar Idea to Pennsylvania Deer

However, this definitely wouldn’t be the first time a deer has seen a window and thought they could hop right through it. Last month in November, a couple from Alabama was scared out of their minds when a deer crashed into their home.

One of the homeowners told local outlet WAFF 48 that “it sounded like a herd of elephants breaking glass upstairs.”

However, this particular buck didn’t have nearly as picturesque an ending to the conflict like the Pennsylvania buck did.

The Florence Police Department tried to enter the home, but the deer charged the officers and barred their entry. Eventually, animal control experts decided to euthanize the animal before removing it from the home.

However, according to the photos posted by WAFF 48, the officer who shot the buck didn’t get a clean kill. Pictures show blood-spattered along the walls and furniture inside the home.

In another similar incident, a deer crashed through a school building in Wisconsin. Two school officials were in the office at the time of the scene, where the animal burst through a window before wreaking havoc on the school offices.

As the deer tried to exit through a separate door, the two employees in the office made a mad dash for the opposite exit. The deer eventually left the school building, waltzing out the main door like it owned the place. Luckily, no one was harmed in the incident. The school system posted a photo of the aftermath the deer left in the office, the scene is catastrophic enough to be thankful no one was hurt.