WATCH: Pennsylvania Woman Finds Lazy Raccoon Lounging in Backyard Hammock

by Shelby Scott

If you live in a rural area, raccoon sightings are pretty common, often seen crossing the road as families in single file lines or rummaging through trashcans and dumpsters. However, one Philadelphia woman had a surprise visitor when she discovered one of the furry creatures lounging in her backyard hammock. Check out the adorable video below.

Taking to Twitter, the woman, Sarah McAnulty, wrote, “exCUSE me, who taught the raccoon on my back porch how to use a HAMMOCK?”

The clip shows the black and grey creature getting comfortable in the hammock for the night, pulling one side of the lounger toward him and leaning back into the sway of the piece. According to UPI, the raccoon actually spent most of the night in McAnulty’s hammock though he seemingly didn’t cause any trouble.

Per her post, the Philadelphia woman filmed the humorous interaction from inside of her home and, as the UPI news anchor points out, is unbothered by McAnulty’s flashlight. Viewers shared their love for the unshy raccoon in the comments.

“Clearly he wants a blankie,” one viewer quipped. Another gushed, “Omg I love that he’s trying to tuck himself in.”

One other viewer spoke about animals’ intelligence, commenting, “Animals know what’s up. My husband has a hammock under his new desk and it took less than a day for one of our cats to climb inside it and take a nap.”

Philadelphia Man Bitten By Mama Raccoon

Not all Philadelphia raccoons are as chill as the guy seen hanging out in the hammock in the video above. Over the summer, a Philadelphia man had a much less pleasant experience with another Philli raccoon when it bit him after the creature caught him and some friends filming her babies. Check out the TikTok clip here.

The video kicks off focused on a handful of juvenile raccoons. Performing alongside a city sidewalk, viewers watch as the creatures take part in their own little acrobatics show. At least, that’s how the videographer described the sight. Climbing up and down a chain-link fence, the little raccoons suddenly start taking off. Mesmerized by the small creatures’ performance, none of the group of watchers saw the mother raccoon nearby. As a result, the man behind the camera, identified as Benjamin McCool was bitten.

The tale doesn’t end there though. Instead, the TikToker takes us through the rest of his journey, showing us his injury during a visit to the hospital. The bite, which is pretty serious though not threatening, likely healed well, with doctors preventing any potential infection from informing.

Thinking about Sarah McAnulty’s encounter more recently, we’re fairly certain McCool did not expect his July night to end the way it did, scathed by some angry raccoon.