WATCH: Person Pets Sleeping Wild Fox, Internet Doesn’t Know How to Feel

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Have you ever wanted to pet a wild fox as he’s sleeping and just wonder what the reaction just might be from said fox? Sure, it sounds like an impossible event to happen. Yeah, well, it did take place. In this viral video, we see a person actually capture a wild fox on film. Before disturbing the animal’s peace, this individual focused the camera on it.

The wild fox looks so peaceful and quaint in its sleep mode. OK, so this person decides to give us the view from the land. Aw, the little fox looks like he wouldn’t hurt anyone. Heck, even the Internet doesn’t know how to feel about seeing this scene fall out. Anyway, the person decides it would be a good idea to go and pet the fox. He tenderly pets the fox’s coat and everything looks cool…for a minute.

This fox looks like he’s stretching out just for a quick minute. But the animal happens to come alive and look up. At that moment, he scrambles up to his feet and runs away. The fox gets some distance away and then looks back for a minute. Upon further review, the fox decides it would be a good idea to simply keep on running. The video ends with that very scene happening. But this whole thing playing out looks wild. It’s not every day that you see a wild fox getting petted in the wild.

People Offer Their Thoughts On Wild Fox Video

We’re not sure if you would get this close to a wild fox yourself. The Internet did respond as people were offering up their own comments on the situation at hand. One person wrote, “One minute your dreaming of succulent chicken the next your doing the Usain Bolt.” Another person said, “You shouldn’t touch it!” This person had an issue with waking up the fox. They would write, “Why ruin a great moment by waking foxy up”. We would not be waking up the fox either. But taking the video is quite a daring thing to do. This person said, “Was sleeping so peaceful why wake him up stretching his body now seeing its the enemy running for its life.”

We also wonder if actually bothering the fox would ruin a good moment. This interaction between a human and an animal is one that the Internet will continue to debate about in the coming days and weeks. Meanwhile, we have another fox connection to share with you. But this interaction would see the fox on attack mode. We happen to know that one wild fox got into a tangle with a snake. We would call it beast vs. beast because it really is a battle.